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Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide Fusion and Evolution Tips

Fusion and Evolution tips

Dungeon Hunter 5 Evolution material

1 star items usually need only 1-2 evolution materials (“elemental” dragon tooth). These teeth can be obtained easily on the normal mission, don’t farm them on special day since the energy cost of the event is quite high and you may not get the element that you want. For higher evolution materials you may want to use the special day since the drop from the missions is quite rare.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Fusion boosters and all 4 slots

Try to use all 4 slots when you fuse the weapon. The cost of the fusion depends on your equipment level, that’s why you want to fuse as much as possible when the cost is still low. Only fuse using the fusion boosters (can easily obtained from raiding other players), the amount of XP given by fusing the equipments are not worth the prices.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Evolution Equipment

Your initial 1 star weapon and armor can only be evolved to 3 star items. To get higher tier of weapon and armors, you need to open premium chest (50 gems), the equipments you get from premium chest is 3 stars, but they can be upgraded further to 4-5 stars.

Super Fusion

What’s super fusion?

It’s an act to add +1 to your equipment. You can see what’s bonus from the super fusion on the weapon/armor’ detailed status (Tap and hold any equipment to see it).

How to do super fusion?

You need to have 4 pieces of the same type of the equipment (Element doesn’t matter) that you want.

Example: You want to super fuse your glaive, then you need 4 glaive (any elements, any tier).

Dungeon Hunter 5 Super Fusion Chance

The super fusion doesn’t have 100% chance, it only has 7-10% chance… I am not sure what’s affect the percentage, but if it’s the item’s tier then it’s still not worth to evolve your item and then use them for super fusion (as the increased chance doesn’t pay off).

Every time you buy the item from the premium gear (50 gems) chest, they always have + 1 status.

The super fusion effect always carried though normal fusion (they must be on the same type).

Dungeon Hunter 5 Super Fusion Effect

Example: if you have + 1 dark armor and then use it as a fusion material for light armor + 1, the result will be light armor + 2. But if you use dark armor + 1 as a fusion material for Glaive +1, then the result will still be glaive + 1 because the super fusion status from the dark armor is nullified.

The items’ tier (Star) doesn’t matter on the super fusion, so make sure you do super fusion only on 1 star equipments first (because the cost is cheaper), and then fuse the 1 star item (+1) later to the higher tier items.

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9 Responses to “Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide Fusion and Evolution Tips”

  1. Abhishek Gowda says:

    What is the use of super fusion?

  2. Alanderson says:

    I got the correct equation for superfusion. Consederate three things: The number 0,5. Total stars from the items that will be broken. Total level from the items that will be broken multiplied 0,15. Dont forgive multiply first.

    Total percent = 0,5 + stars + levels*0,15

    With four items 2 stars and lvl 30, for example.

    Total= 0,5 + 8 + 120*0,15
    Total= 8,5 + 8 + 18
    Total= 26,5%….. This equation never fail!!!

  3. Arann Dex says:

    Strangely enough my Fusion Boosters only appears when I tries to fuse Minions for my stronghold. They never appear when I try to fuse equipment. I thought that was how it worked, but is this a bug?

    It is very difficult to find proper information about how this game works. Even though it is essential to master and play the game, to know a lot about how it works! I didn’t knew that element type did not matter for example. The Dungeon hunter wiki are nothing more than a collection of images from the game, with almost no useful information. Your site is the most informative I have found. But are your information credible? It can be very costly to make failures.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I create the guide a long time ago, I am not sure if it’s still valid now. I stop continue to update the guide since it seems the wiki is useful T_T.

    • mcthriller says:

      There are fusion boosters for minions only. These have a skull on the fusion booster. These come from attacking other players in pvp. The type of fusion booster for weapons and armor come from successfully defending your stronghold or special events.

  4. Cute Stone says:

    The percentage always below 10%… And the reason why there is this number is because, SOMETIMES YOU DON’T GET THE SUPER FUSION POINT. So the higher chance is better. I have fused 5 level 1 Bogfoot Armor with chance of 5% pans resulted no super fusion point.

  5. NeoBTK says:

    Actually Tier 3 (3 stars) or higher items, give you guaranteed super fusion result 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thx for the confirmation, but the pain of obtaining the is not worth for + 2 damage… and if you use the equiopment from premium chest then it’s not really 100% because the effect come from +1.

      • alanderson says:

        This answer is wrong. Only with +1 items have 100%. Equation to superfusion is total=0,5+totalstars+totallevels*0,15. ….multiply first….conseiderated to superfusion only items that will be broken……this errors occurs because whenever you buy a chest diamond item it came +1 superfusion. A +1 item dont use the calculator and give 100%sf

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