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Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide Solo Mode

Solo Mode Guide

Dungeon Hunter 5 Solo Mode Mission

When to play Main Story?

  • When you need 1 star evolution material. They have high chance to drop, so don’t do evolution material event for 1 star evolution material, farm them on mission mode!!
  • on Monday, it’s only a special day for gathering quartz , it’s not needed. Other than that I suggest you to focus on the event mission (especially on wanted challenge!!!).
  • On the day where you don’t need to farm the evolution material. Example: Thursday, if you can;t evolve your item, then don’t do an event on Thursday.


Have at least 1 weapon category and armor for every element, those recommended element on mission briefing is very important 🙂 (many players blaming the game is being too greedy without paying attention to it).

Mission 1-11

From the newbie without gems, you should be able to progress toward Mission 7 without any trouble (even with 1 star equipments). When you unlock mission 7, the hard mode of mission 1-6 will be unlocked. Try to conquer the hard mode once you have upgraded your weapon to 2 star.

P.S: The hard mode missions only drop potion ONCE!!! Don’t think it always drop it when you see the potion icon on them, the icon will disappear once you have cleared them once.

Once you have upgraded your 2 star equipments (lvl 25-30), you can clear mission 7-11 with ease.  Clearing mission 11 will unlock hard difficulty for mission 7-11. Try to clear them all before continue to Mission 12, at this time nearly max 2 star equipments should end these missions quickly.

Mission 12- 16

Before proceed into these missions, I suggest you to have 3 star equipments. You will pass these missions easily when you have them. Clearing mission 16 will unlock the hard mode for mission 12 – 16. Like usual clear them all before continue to mission 17 . Make sure you have 3 star equipments on hard mode !!

Note: Mission 14 is a good place to farm the armor (usually get 1-3 armor), if you want to do Super fusion. Visit THIS PAGE for more info about Super fusion.

Mission 17 – 21

To pass this level easily, you need lvl 20-30 of  3 stars equipments. The hard mode for these missions is quite hard, especially for mission 18. Make sure you dodge the spider trap.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Spider Trap Mission 18

On mission 18 hard don’t hesitate to use your potion, the level itself is harder than the enemies.

Mission 22 -25

The mission is getting harder… 3 stars equipments with level above 30 is a must if you want to defeat these missions easily.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Ten Strikes farming
Note: Mission 23 is a good place to farm “ten strikes” attack. The attack is very powerful for raid and bosses. It’s not listed as potential drop but you can get it !! Don’t forget to level up it first !!

Clearing mission 25 will unlock the hard mode for missions 22-25.

Mission 26- ??

On Mission 26 watch out for Meros, always run away after you have killed it, because it will explode after a period of time. The missions are hard, you need to have maxed 3 stars equipments (lvl 50) to pass these missions easily.

Note: The mission 1 expert will be unlocked now. You can unlock other expert missions by finishing previous expert missions (to unlock mission 2 expert, finish mission 1 expert, etc)

[To be continued]

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  1. Chris says:

    Hello my names chris and i was wondering when the special dungeons and stuff you guys usually open on the weekends will start. N also those mini chest you guys have through out each level alot of the time when i open them and a weapon armor etc flys out it lands back in the chest then i cant get it. Also I think you should be able to send friends energy evolution material and donate gold to people on your friends list.

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