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Posted on Apr 6, 2015

Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide Special Day Tips

Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide Special Day Tips


Before trying to farm, see the rewards’ star. The difficulty of the quest is can be hard if you don’t have enough strength, so make sure you have maxed your equipments on lower tier (1 star lower than the wanted material) before trying to take the challenge.

Example: You want to farm “elemental” scale (3 star evolution material), make sure you have maxed your 2 star equipments first before taking the challenge, taking the challenge with “fresh” 2 star equipments will probably guarantee a “give up” screen (unless you have super strong partner).

This also will preserve your precious space on the inventory, because you don’t need to keep them until you’re able to use them.

Monday: Quartz Gathering

It’s useless IMO. Use your energies doing solo mission. Only use it when you have finished solo mode.

Tuesday: Evolution Material

You can farm elemental evolution material on this day, I suggest you only farm for “elemental” imp claws (4 stars) and above on the event. Why?

You can farm the “elemental” teeth and hydra scales on solo mission. You can also choose which element that you want to get on solo mission (depends on which mission, it’s random on the special day event). The teeth drop rate is about 50%, for scale it’s about 30%.

Wednesday: Archaelogist Artefact

Dungeon Hunter 5 Wednesday Archaelogist

You can farm trinket on this day, since this is kinda universal items (almost all equipments regardless of the elements need this item), I suggest you to save some of them to for later use (keep 2-3).

Thursday: Crystal Gathering

Dungeon Hunter 5 Crystal Collector

You need these crystal to evolve 3 star items and above. You can choose which elements that you need. For the 4 star crystals, it takes 15 energies.

Friday: Random

Dungeon hunter 5 Kenashi Runestones Event

You may get fusion booster event or Kenashi runestones event. You may want to farm for Kenashi runestones since it’s random.

Saturday (No Event) and Sunday (Random)

Dungeon Hunter 5 Fusion Booster

There is no event at this moment, but you get 2x Gold and quartz from raiding the other players. So, it’s a good idea to farm golds and quartz on these days. Someitmes there is also a random event too (such as fusion boosters).

Note: For 3 star and above fusion boosters, you may not get it from the event (only obtain 1 star..). Os it’s kinda frustrating.

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