Posted on Jun 18, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Guide: A Gathering on The North

Objective: travel to the Montbarron Estate

Move forward until you clear your objective.

Objective: Look for Survivors

Check the corpse near the estate and then enter the building. Follow the path and then open the treasure chest /weapon rack to get equipment (this will trigger “equip” tutorial; for PC version just press “C” to enter the menu).

Continue and go downstairs to meet your first enemy. Kill them and continue to learn about skill usage. Continue and you’ll fight a lot of enemies at times; change your stance (Q for PC version).

Tips: Always destroy barrel or anything that seems destructible, you may learn gold, health, or mana orb

Marten Guiscard will greet you after that battle, go after him and he will join your party. Marten has a plan for our escape, this dialogue will finish “look for survivor” objective and add a new one.

Objective: Destroy the bridge

Follow the path until you arrive at the bridge, you’ll see 3 kegs; check all of the kegs to blow them.

Objective Locate the Chapterhouse

Pilgrim’s Road

Go right and you should find a dead body over there, check it to obtain the items. Backtrack to the yellow light (save point) and head north. You’ll arrive at military camp, there is a treasure chest inside so make sure you get it. Continue to another save point. Ignore the other paths, just go to the bridge immediately. You’ll trigger an event with Bogdan. Defeat him and go inside the chapter house.

You’ll meet Odo inside, he’ll ask you to find another survivor. This will end this quest.

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