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Dungeon Siege 3 Guide Main Quest : The Search for Survivors

Objective: Travel to Raven’s rill

Go to the spot before the bridge and then head north now. The gate is unlocked now, so continue until you see a person standing in front of the gate (blue circle in left screenshot, make sure you check treasure and corpse in location above to obtain some items).  Talk to him and he’ll let you in.

Lower Raven’s rill

Objective: Search the town

Talk with everyone you see as you pass the town. You’ll be notified that there are some people that have ! mark above their head. Talk to them and they will offer you a side quest. There is a white haired woman (Ludmila) that will give you a side quest in this town. Refer to this link for the detail. Check the part of this town that shown in the screenshoot to obtain

Move forward until you see a blue circle in your map, head over there and you’ll meet a man (Alexei) that tells you to go to Stormsong Cave. This will trigger a new objective

Objective: Go to Stormsong cave

Continue and you should notice another man with “!” on their head. Talk him to trigger a new sidequest (fishing hole; click this link for the details of the  quest). Save your game and get out from this town.

Tips: You can also solve “unanswered question” quest, simply by finishing one of 2 quests in this town (the widow’s revenge/ fishing hole). You can talk to Grigori now, he’ll offer you a help. Ask him to deliver the message to Odo to finish this quest.

West Forest

Move forward and go right when you see a branching path, continue until you arrive at

Stormsong Cave

Talk to Leona and you will trigger a new objective.

Objective: Rescue the prisoners

Save your game as you have defeated Barbat!!!

Take the left path and save your game, just keep following the path. Be careful when you meet a special bandit named Barbat. He is nothing special but it’s an indicator that you’re near the boss area, so save your game and continue forward to blue circle (quest objective indicator) in your map.

Answer whatever you like because any answers will lead you into a battle with her. She is toughest enemy you ever meet until now ( I died about 5 times before I realized that I need to level up my character to lvl 4 and obtain better equipments). If you have done all the side quest available until this point, then your level should be about 4 and you also have decent equipments on your character.

Tips: I think it’s really important to have good pistols for this battle. As the battle starts, the path where you came from will be sealed. So run forward if you’re ranged character (Ex.: Katarina). For Katarina it’s important to use your curse of suffering to stun your enemies and attack them with your pistols while using your defensive skill.

After defeating her, check 2 cages on the north side of this area. You’ll meet another main character in this game and he/she will join your party ( I am using Katarina for this playthrough and Anjali join my party). Now continue forward to a new path and Leona will come and give you a new side quest to complete (check this link for more information).

Get out from this dungeon and return to Chapterhouse (watch out because there are many enemies on your way out from this cave). On Your way back to the Chapterhouse, you should meet with Tatyana who will give you a new side quest (hide out). Continue to the chapterhouse and then talk to Odo to end this quest and trigger a new one.

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  1. nikhil says:

    i need help with Rescue the prisoners

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hey jsut follow the guide. Yo ucan go to stormsong cave by go out from the exit of raven’s rill (near the man who gives you fishing hole side quest). Just follow the path and you’ll see a branching path. one way leads to stormsong cave and another path leads to Gunderic mannor.
      once you inside the cave, you only need to follow the path until you reach Barbat.
      Hope it helps and thanks for using my guide

  2. nikhil says:

    where can i find barbat in the Stormsong Cave which way do i go

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