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Posted on Jun 18, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Side Quest: Raven’s Rill

The Widow’s Revenge

Location: Lower Raven Hill

Objective: Kill Boris

Client: Ludmilla

Recommended level: 3


Talk to Ludmilla; she will ask you to kill Boris for murdering her husband. Accept the quest, now get out from this town from the entrance (to Pilgrim’s Road). On Pilgrim’s road, walk to the Montbarron Estate. You should find travelling merchant along your way back (this will trigger another quest). Finish the quest and continue to Montbarron Estate, search the area that seems on the screenshot to meet with Boris (near Montbarron Estate). Kill Boris and return to Ludmilla to obtain a reward (or no).

The unlucky merchant

Location: Pilgrim’s road

Objective: Find Merchant’s wagon

Recommended level: 2

You’ll meet this unlucky merchant on the bridge near the chapterhouse (I think you need to take the widow’s revenge quest or go to raven’s hill first to make this man appear on the bridge).  Now just walk to Montbarron estate and you’ll find the wagon on your way there. Just kill the bandit who guard the wagon and talk to the merchant to obtain the reward.

A Prized Possession

Location: Lower Raven’s Rill

Client: Anton


At lower Raven’s rill talk to Anton. He’ll ask you to find a statue. Go to Stormsong cave and you’ll meet Ottokar on your way there. Defeat him and check the loot to obtain the statue. Tak to Anton to finish this quest.

PS: I talk to Anton after I have killed Ottokar first and get the stone. It seems that you don’t need to talk to Anton first to make Ottokar appear.

Fishing Hole

Location: Lower Raven’s hill near exit

Objective: kill a monsters

Recommended level: 2


Talk to man named Yacob at the windmill near the city’s exit. He will give you special bait when you agree to help him. Go to Pilgrim’s road and head to the spot where you found a corpse before. Stand near the river and you should get an option to throw bait. Throw the bait and you’ll encounter Nishemmu and his underlings. Kill this monster and you’ll obtain its teeth. Bring it to Yacob and it’s all up to you to obtain a reward or no (I got 680 gold coins).

Tips: Nishemmu have slow aura which makes long range attacker like Katharina have a little hard time against it. Just walk pass the red square marked in the screenshot, Nishemmu should run back to the river. You can just shoot it from this spot for an easy kill (re-enter and go back as necessary).

Gunderic Manor + A Wayward Soul

Location: Stromsong Cave (1), Gunderic Manor (2)

(1) Leona (she’ll come to you after you free 2 prisoners in Stormsong)
(2) Alise ( in the second floor of gunderic manor; You will meet her eventually if you finish the first part of this quest)


Free 2 prisoners at Stormsong cave (part of the main quest), try to get out from this cave through the other side. you will meet Leona and agree to help her to obtain the key. Now get out from this cave and head left from initial branching path (where you go right to this cave). Move forward and you’ll arrive at big building go inside.

You’ll hear a woman voice, so go to the source of woman’s voice. She’ll ask you to remove the curse. Go upstairs (beware the enemies are quite strong), open every door you see as you move to “Hint” room noticed on the left sreenshot. Check the bookshelf to open a secret path, take a treasure chest inside and read the note to obtain password for the secret door. Go to PSW Door and input the password you just got earlier. Open the treasure chest to obtain Vault Key.

Go downstairs and open the vault door (blue symbol) in the map. Follow the path until you see locked gate (Gunderic Library of Arcana), check the gate and something is missing from it. Go left and the door will be opened, kill all enemies and go through the new path until you arrive at the lower floor and see ritual. Kill the Golem and 4 witches (kill the witch first to make things easier), check the shiny bone nearby to obtain coalfire stone. Backtrack to the elevator and use the stone and then pull the lever.

Keep moving forward until you arrive at the inner sanctum. Go north first to point (1), you’ll fight Lord Gunderic. His attacks are easy to dodge but will deal quite damage if they hit you, so be careful especially if you’re a range attacker. Now go to Heart of Nagog room, you’ll see an event. Now, it’s all up to you whether to destroy the heart or not (I destroyed it, just use normal attack nearby and it should be broken. If you can’t destroy it try to reload the game and try again; it happened on me). Talk to Leona in front of the room to escape from this manor instantly.

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