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Posted on Jun 26, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Side Quest: Stonebridge and Meisterhall

Supply lines

Location: Stonebridge City

Client: Ursula


Talk to Ursula in Stonebridge city, return to the entrance and continue to “Road to Stonebridge“. Just follow the path to the east (see the screenshot), You’ll be attacked by bandits. Simply defeat them and return to Ursula to finish this quest.


Location: Meisterhall

Client: Fiddlewick


Talk to Fiddlewick and then head east (like you want to get out). Check the jail that guarded by an automaton and choose to talk with Krug. After talking with Krug, re-talk to the automaton and choose to set him free. Reinhart will join your party after this dialogue.

Talk to Fiddlewick again and ask him for another objective. He’ll ask you to resolve property conflicts. Go back to the Grand Chapterhouse and then talk to Barrenbaron. Listen to the conflict carefully and choose who’s right according to your opinion (I choose Baron since he was the first who buy the land; I solved this quest by choosing this choice, I don’t know what will happen if you choose Hans Is the right person).

Go back to Fiddlewick in Mesiterhall to finish this side quest.

Cryptic Inheritances

Location: Lower ward (in front of crypt of sacred blood)

Client: Hermann


Talk to Hermann who is standing in front of Crypt of Sacred blood. He’ll ask you to find 3 legion artifacts inside the crypt.  Location:

  1. At the same room where you found Stolen Shipments side quest. It’s on the area after you pass first narrow path with guillotines.
  2. Take the left path on the branching path where you see modified automaton trapped inside the jail door. Check the table in the small room to get it.
  3. After defeating master thief, continue forward and you’ll find the item along your way.

Stolen Shipments

Location: The crypt of Sacred blood

Client:  Wesner


Explore the crypt and you should see a blue symbol after passing the narrow path with guillotines.

PS: you need to take “cryptic inheritance” quest to see the blue symbol.

Location of the stolen good:

  1. On the same room where you find this quest
  2. Take the right path on the branching path where you see modified automaton trapped inside the jail door.
  3. After defeating master thief continue forward until you’re back at the first room of this crypt (you arrive there through the left door). Now go to the right path once more and you’ll see a blue symbols. Go there and take the last stolen item.

Go back to the lower ward and talk to Wesner to finish the quest.

Major Malfunction

Location: Lower ward (in front of the crypt of sacred blood)

Client: Sweatcog


Talk to Sweatcog who is standing in front of the crypt. He’ll ask you to dispose his automaton.You can find the automaton on your way back to Stonebridge city (just a little bit from Wesner). Go back to Sweatcog once you have defeated the automaton to obtain your reward and get a new side quest.

Hostage Situation

Location: The foundry

Client: Olbert


You’ll meet with Olbert automatically when doing your quest in the Foundry. Free him by touch the lever near his cage. Continue on your main quest and you’ll see 3 blue symbols on your mini map. Go to blue symbols that located at left and right to free Metalsmith and shift supervisor. Go back to Olbert to finish this quest (I don’t ask him for a reward, just ask him to tell Kassel).

Cogs and Wheels

Location: The foundry

Client: Deter Snell


Talk to Deter Snell in the Foundry. He’ll ask you to turn the gearworks in the Foundry. Gearworks location:

  1. In the beginning of foundry just walk until your character’s stance changed from normal to battle. Move a little bit and you should see it (blue symbol on your map; it’s really hard to miss this one).
  2. Near rotate-able bridge. Click the screenshot to enlarge the picture and see the exact location of the gear.
  3. Near the location of 2nd switch, just see your mini map and you’ll find it.
  4. After meet with Olbert, continue forward and go to the blue symbols that located at the top of screenshot above
  5. After beating Ergometheus, you should see a blue symbol on the Westside. Go there and destroy the pipe that blocks your path. Trigger the lever and you’re done.

Talk to Deter to claim your reward.

Proof of Sabotage

Location: in front of Crypt of sacred blood

Client: Sweatcog


Finish “major malfunction” side quest and then talk to Sweatcog. He’ll ask you to find a sabotage items. Go inside the crypt of Sacred Blood and then keep moving forward until you see blue symbol on your map. Take the items and then talk to Sweatcog to finish the side quest.

Uncovering the Past

Location: Meisterhall

Client: Mudgutter


After defeating the Old Gent, don’t say that you’re ready to go the spire (choose “I’m not ready to go”). Talk to Mudgutter in meisterhall; he’ll ask you to talk with 3 persons. Location:

  1. Rudolf Maxwell can be found near the city square (in front of Meisterhall). I choose to spare him.
  2. Frederick Pratz can be found in Stonebridge city, just walk like you want to get out from this city (assuming you’re from Rudolf Maxwell position).
  3. Lower ward; Wenzer is standing near Wesner (the merchant in lower ward).

I choose to forgive them. Go back and talk to Mudgutter to claim your reward.

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