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Posted on Jun 25, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Side Quest: The Deep Well and Tumbledown Court

All That glitters

Location: The tumbledown Court

Client: Phineas


After you have met the queen, talk to Phineas. He will ask you to find Painite. Location:

1. Southern Mining Tunnels

After you have obtained the 2nd black powder, use floating stone to travel to the other side. Check 4 glowing stones to obtain 4 Painites.

2. The deep well

Right behind the small passage near western mining tunnels. Check it; you only get 3 painites from this spot.

3. Western mining tunnels

You can find these on the platform before last save point in this area. You get 5 painites from this spot.

Go back to Phineas to obtain the reward

The Prototype

Location: The tumbledown court

Client: Bartholomew (weapon seller)


Talk to Bartholomew after obtained main quest from the queen. He’ll ask you to find a prototype weapon that left in southern mining Tunnels. Head to Southern mining tunnels, just do a normal main quest (enemy at the gates).

After you ride the floating stone (2nd blackpowwder), you should see a blue symbols on the west (cave). Go inside and destroy crystals near the blue symbol. You should find the prototype at crystal on the end of this cave.

Tips: Watch out for cannon fires, they’re really hurt. The spiders will come as you stay in this cave, so go take prototype quickly.

Building Bridge

Location: The Deep Well

Client: Roderick


Talk to Roderick in the deep well; near the entrance to western mining tunnels (I do this after I have finished “Southern Mining Tunnels” main quest). Now just do main quest that needed to be done in western mining tunnels. You will build the bridge automatically on your way obtaining the 4th Satchel Black Powder.

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  1. daniel says:

    I have a problem after doing the missions of the court can not find phineas fall to return the stones he asked and I can not complete the mission, not on the court and already looked everywhere and does not appear that I can do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hehe, this was happening to me too :D. You can re-talk to Phineas after defeating warbeast to finish the quest (he stands near the queen) :D. Thank you for using my guide.

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