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Posted on Nov 2, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Treasures of The Sun Guide Part 1: Abbey of St. Hiram

If you have beaten the game (I suggest it), you should have a file called endgame autosave. Load this file, you should be at the causeway now. Move forward and you should see old letter on the stone. Check it and it’ll tell you about this DLC (this will finish “Introduction: Treasures of the Suns”).

You’ll obtain a quest

[Last of an Ancient Line]

Head east to aranoi causeway and enter the portal. You’ll arrive at Aranoi Bluffs, move forward an check the coffin to obtain a new side quest (Flares of faith). Continue following the path and you’ll fight a skeletal giant; it’s just an unique monster and not hard (you probably obtain an essence from this battle).

PS: you can enchant your weapon with essence to make them more powerful. Do this by open your inventory and then right click on the item.

Continue until you arrive at Aranoi Desert. Keep moving until you see objective mark on your map. Go there and check the giant obelisk. The obelisk will grant you ultimate skills.

Hathra’ unok’s Embrace: this will heals your characters instantly. The amount of healing depends on your power orbs numbers. [Part 1 of “fires of faith” quest]

After obtaining that skill there’ll be special monster appears (Zuriel the Sandshaper).  Kill the monster and continue your journey.

Check the sign board (see the screenshot above) to obtain “What Lurks Beneath” quest. Head to Giant worm’s location and kill it.

Tips: it’s easy but it’s tend to play hide and seek with you :D. Don’t need to kill its underlings since they seem always re-spawn as long as the giant worm still live. Concentrate your attack on the the worm.

Backtrack and head for Abbey of St. Hiram. Talk to all person and enter the building to meet Sister Eleanor. Ask her about the hero and choose an option about Simeon. This will end “Last of an Ancient Line” quest and grant you “Shared Destinies” Major quest.

PS: In this DLC you can reset your character’s talent and proficiency. Do this by standing on the fountain which located in the middle of Abbey St. Hiram. However, it’s not free 😀 you need to pay for 20.000 gold to reset one character :D.

[Shared Destiny]

Now go to the back of this building and check rooms that located on the west and east to obtain treasure chest (you can also obtain lore by checking the paper in the table).

Get out from the building and head to the gate (right of the building). Check 2 sign boards to obtain 2 quest (“Wanted Mad Matias” and “Wanted Professor Jabberhack”). Talk to Sister Jenna nearby to obtain “The Thief of Hearts” quest. Go out to

Deadman’s Pass

Move forward and you’ll see objective mark on your map. Go over there to meet and kill Matias. Backtrack and head to another path. Move forward a little and you’ll see 2 objective rings on your map like in the screenshot. Go left first to meet with Simeon; accept his request to update your “Shared Destiny” quest. Now head for another objective mark. You’ll see Automaton Scout, defeat it and then check the broken automaton at the end of the path to obtain Automaton Hand (Plot item). Continue until you arrive at

Crimson Flats

Move forward a little and you’ll see an objective ring. The objective ring shows you another obelisk, check it to obtain “Elisheva’s shield”. After obtaining the skills, Jairus the Huntsman will appear so kill it (he’s very easy, just use your new skill and it should die before the effect of your skill worn off).

PS: Elisheva’s shield makes your character invulnerable. You can’t charge your power while on this state. [Part 2 of “fires of faith” quest]

Continue forward and you’ll see another objective mark on your mini map. Go over there and check the bones, take the chalice and you’ll be told to return it to Sister Jenna. Now go back to the town, you’ll see an objective mark while going back there (Deadman’s Pass). It shows the location of Zakkaeus the Apostate, so go over there and kill him. You’ll updated your quest (Shared destiny). Continue to the Abbey St. Hiram and talk to Sister Jenna to finish “The Thief of Hearts“.

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