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Dungeon Siege 3 Treasures of The Sun Walkthrough Part 2: Temple of Azunai and Sandspring Cavern

[Shared Destiny]

Now go back to where you met with Simeon. Talk to him to finish the quest and he’ll give you 2 quests (“Oil and Blood” and “Sacred Words”). Now continue to Crimson Flats (where you found “chalice”). Continue and you’ll see 4 paths.

[Fires of Faith]

Go to “Fires of faith 3” first; activate the shrine to obtain “Xeria’s Wrath”. It’s not that useful IMO (I suggest you to stick with Elisheva’s shield). Follow the small path to the dead end, check the corpse to obtain and finish a quest automatically (Circle of Death). Get out from the area and you’ll see Shadrach of the Ten Blades, kill it and you probably get an unique sword.

[Wanted Professor Jabberhack]

Now go to Jabberhack Location, he’s tough and can cause high damage. Lure him out from his base, the automaton won’t follow him if you go far enough :D. Always roll back or forward when you see him throwing his bomb. After killing him check the giant treasure chest to obtain items.

Head right (based on my map; to “sandspring cavern”). Talk to old lady along your way to get “Aberrant Eggs” quest. Follow the path to Sandspring cavern, in this area you can finish 2 quests:

[Oil and Blood] and [Aberrant Eggs]

Move forward a little and take the treasure chest. Continue forward and you’ll see 2 branching path. Both of them lead to the same point. You can also find eggs for “Aberrant eggs” quest on each of the paths. I suggest you to take the left path first (see the map), follow the path and kill “Vodyanoi Brood Mother” and then grab the egg (1/3). Continue forward to the save point (check the large book along the path to obtain lore).

Now move forward to the path where you see no save point on it. Keep moving forward and you’ll find another egg location, kill the guardian and take the egg (2/3). Continue forward and you’ll see big bones at the end of the path. Check the bones and then take the oil. You’ll solve “Oil and Blood” Quest immediately.

Backtrack and get out from this cavern by taking the path that not taken by you on the first time (it means you get out using the right path if you followed my guide from the beginning).You’ll find last eggs on that path (3/3). Get out from the cave and then talk to Nadya to solve “Aberrant eggs” quest, she’ll reward you with “ASD><?S>A<D”.

Now backtrack and head to Azunite temple. You’ll see a goblin along your way over there. Talk to him to obtain “Map of the Past” quest. Go inside Azunite temple

[Sacred Words] and [Map of the Past]

Follow the path and head left first. Kill all monsters inside the room and then continue. Pull the levers so you can continue north. Forward until you find a save point, examine the altar to complete on eof your quest objective. Head northeast to Hall of Trials.

You’ll see 3 braziers inside of the room. Read the description on the white sign board to learn a hint about the order (gold => blue => green, left => right => middle). If you light the braziers on the wrong order enemies will come out. Continue and you’ll see another riddle, don’t need to step on switch just keep walking on the water to disarm all of the traps. Continue and grab “Eyes of Oracle” at the end of the path.

Now go back to the altar near the save point, move through the path that you haven’t taken before. Go into small room with objective marks and check the book. You need to answers 3 questions to obtain the key. Grab the key from the wall.

Check the altar near the save point to put “Eyes of Oracle”. The path to central chamber is open now. Go over there and defeat all enemies. Defeat Daeva statue (she is quite hard; don’t stay on her pillar of fire unless you want to load your game). Take the tablet and get out from this dungeon by taking right path (like shown on previous screenshot).

Open the locked door that marked by objective mark on your mini map. Take the book and then kill Jade Gargoyle that attack you. Get out from the temple (activate the switch to raise the bridge) and talk to the goblin to finish “Map of the World” quest. Now go back to Abbey of St. Hiram and check the altar to finish “Shared Destiny” quest.

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