Posted on Jun 22, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: The Grand Chapterhouse

The Grand Chapterhouse

Stonebridge City

Move forward passing the save point, continue and you’ll see “!” on woman’s head (Ursula). Talk to her to obtain a new sidequest (Supply lines). Move forward to find an accessory shop (talisman, ring, etc). Continue and go left on the branching path to go to the Chapterhouse (check the lever so you can go inside).

The Grand chapterhouse

Go to the right room as you enter this chapterhouse. Follow the path to the blue symbol in your map. You’ll fight automatons in this room; check the scroll in the middle of the room (inside “open closed” trap door). You need to find 4 books to open this chapterhouse.

Go north from this room to another blue symbol on your map. You can’t open the door yet, go west and check the switch on the middle of this room. It’ll open the door you just passed earlier. Take the book to obtain “Book of Vigilant Defense”.

Now go to the left room and you’ll arrive at the room that looks like first trap room in this house. Go and trigger the switch on the middle quickly to open 2 locked jail doors. Go to whichever you want first and take the book quickly to disable the automatons (Book of Fair Judgment and Book of Allegiance).

Proceed to the last room to obtain Book of Reconciliation. Now move forward and you’ll arrive at the very first room of this house (the one with save point). Go upstairs and check the bookshelf. It’ll open the causeway, see an event.

Tips: I choose to help queen first and it increase Anjali’s influence

You’ll obtain 2 main quests from the event. I choose to help the queen first .

PS: I don’t know whether another quest still available after done one of the quests. I will make another quest guide immediately if it’s still available, but if it’s not available then I will make it after beating this game and replay with another characters.

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  1. bigtimc says:

    im on that quest but i cant get back to where u read 4 books wut do i do

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what do you mean by ” cannot go back”? Your goal is to read 4 books and then put it on the shelf to open the gate. Please explain further, sorry can’t help much

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