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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: Help Queen Roslyn

Enemy at the gates

Go back to the deep well and go to the direction shown in the map. Kill Jeyne’s Fanatic on your path, follow the path and you’ll meet with Roderick. Save your game and continue forward to

Southern Mining Tunnels

Follow the path and take the right path first on the branching path (direction based on screenshot above). Kill enemies and take blackpowder (1st) on this path, touch the crystal at the end of the path to move the stone platform. Backtrack to the branching point and then take the left path now. Kill enemies along the path and take another blackpowder (2nd). Use the floating stone to go to the other side.

PS: You can find 4 painites nearby (see blue symbol on the map).

Take another blackpowder (3rd) nearby and then continue forward.

PS: There is cave on the west (blue symbol) to finish “prototype” side quest

Take the last blackpowder (4th) to finish the objective in this quest. Touch the lever to open the gate, so you can go back easily if you want. Continue past save point, kill azunite lieutenant and check the cart to set the explosives. Run back to the save point and head back to the deep well.

Uninvited guests

Go back to the deep well. Move to the opposite direction of southern mining tunnels. Go north a little bit; you should see 2 blue symbols.

PS: One of the blue symbols is Painite. Take 3 of them to complete the objective.

Go to another blue symbol, talk to Roderick and continue forward past the save point to

Western Mining Tunnels

Go north until you see an area map like screenshot above. Take 3 Black Powder Satchel which scattered in this area and then head to “building bridge” direction. Walk until you reach area on the right screenshot, you must create a passage by touching 3 crystals nearby.

After you have activated all the crystals, go back to 1st crystals location and then head north. Open the treasure chest and then take the last Satchel black powder. Backtrack to 3rd Satchel black powder location and head north. Touch the crystal and then step into the platform to move to the other side. Take all the treasure chests and then backtrack to the west.

Touch another crystal and move to the next platform.

PS: you will find another painites stones, check it to obtain 5 painites.

Save your game and continue north. Kill Azunite lieutenant like before and go north to set the explosives at the mine cart. Run back to the save point and you’ll see a notification that you just complete the objective. Now go back to The Tumbledown Court. Talk to Queen, she’ll ask you to help Phineas

Ebb and Flow

Go to the way like you want to go to Southern Mining Tunnels, then go west to the blue symbol (see the screenshot). Use floating stone to go up to Phineas’s spot. Now you must survive until Phineas finish his work with the giant crystals.

Tips: You can’t kill the enemies like in the Grandchapter house. So keep attacking and use your dodge when they’re getting close to you.

Go back to the Tumbledown Court and then talk to the queen to finish this quest and start a new one.

Lord Devonsey’s Trap

Go back to the deep well’s entrance. Go to the east until you see an event with Jeyne (see the screenshot above for detailed location). I choose to believe her story and

BOSS: Warbeast

Warbeast itself doesn’t possess much threat, but you still need to evade his charging attack because it hurts a lot if you get hit by it (you only need to “dodge” to avoid this attack easily). Watch out for normal soldiers that helps this beast in this battle. If you’re Katrina use warding ritual and pistol “focus” attack to fight and maintenance the distance between you and them.

PS: you’ll obtain additional focus circle from this battle

Once you have defeated the beast go back and talk to the queen (take 4 treasure chests). We need to go back to Odo, try to get out from The Tumbledown Court. Talk to Roderick and he’ll offer to escort you back to the causeway. Accept it and you’ll be brought at the beginning of Frostpire Mountain.

PS: You can go back to the deepwell quickly by talking to Roderick again.

Enter the causeway and head to the Grandchapter house. You’ll be welcomed by Odo and Martin. This will end this quest.

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