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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: Into the Mournweald and Battle for Raven’s Rill

Into the Mournweald

Go downstairs to the lowest floor of Chapterhouse, open the gate to

East Forest

As you open the gate you’ll find a corpse, check it and you’ll get a news side quest (??). Continue north until you see an event. The path to Mournweald is open now, continue through the new path.

Tips: I suggest you to finish 2 new side quests first before progressing any further, by visiting this link.


This forest is pretty straight forward, just go north following the path. Go left when you see a branching path, there are 2/3 treasure chest in that spot. Back to the track and head north again and then check the legionnaire corpse to obtain the ring. You’ll meet “super saiyan” man in the end of the path. Talk and you’ll teleported back to east forest (I promise never come back to mournweald again). Go back to Chapterhouse and then talk to Odo in the chapterhouse. This will end previous quest and trigger a new one.

Battle for Raven’s Rill

Now You can open the causeway that located in the same room with weapon seller. Check the portal and you’ll arrive at

Rukkenvahl Causeway

Head north and you’ll see a save point, save your game if you want. Head right because other paths are still not available. Enter the causeway at the end of the path and

Gunderic Mausoleum

Proceed forward and kill gargoyles along your path, go to right wing. The wall should broken by the time you come near it, go inside and open the treasure chest inside (I got rare item inside, so I think you should check it too :D). Backtrack and continue forsward to

Raven’s Rill Graveyard

Follow the path and you’ll enter an event with a witch (Zaria). Answer anything you want and you’ll fight her.

Tips: Zaria located on different level of terrain, so if you’re a melee character you need to move around first to reach her. For Katarina; use warding ritual to knock nearby enemy and attack using your pistols to kill her enderlings easily. You can reach her with your rifle, do don’t need to move around first.

Continue to

Upper Raven’s Rill

You’ll fight with Vogomil at the entrance. Continue and you’ll meet with 2  special enemies (Marek and Ilias). Defeat them and save your game before you enter the building in front of you. See an event and you’ll fight Rajani.

Tips: You’ll fight her in 2 round. Make sure that your character can cast his/her defensive skill to heal your health. She also can be affected by a bad status spell (Ex. for Katarina.: Caress of suffering, warding ritual slow effect). So don’t forget to use it for your advantage in this battle.

On the second part of this battle, you only need to stay away from purple flame on the floor and you should be safe; I am using Katarina so I never stand near her, so I don’t know what is her melee attack.

Continue and go downstairs (check many shiny objects along your way; you amy get a good items from them :D). Open the cell on the edge of corridor and talk to Lazar Bazili. Backtrack to Rajani‘s spot, and decide what to do with her (I choose to free her), but if you kill her immediately you will obtain “iron hand” deed which gives you +2 attack. Talk to Odo and it’s the end of this quest.

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