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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: Majority rules

Majority Rules

Get out from the chapterhouse and then head north pass the automaton. Keep walking to the city square and then head west to Meisterhall. You’ll be greeted by Sigmund; you need to obtain a vote from persons in this room. Start talking to all peoples that have “!” on their head (3 persons).

Fiddlewick=> side quest “mediations
Mudgutter=> main quest “trouble in the crypts

Get out from Mesiterhall and head back to city square.Go north and talk to the automaton who is guarding the gate.Talk to him and tell that you have express authorization from Mudgutter or Kassel. I choose to go to Crypt of Sacred Blood first.

Trouble in the Crypts

Go north to

Lower Yard

Keep following the path past the merchant (Werner’s good) until you arrive at the branching path. Head west to Crypt of Sacred Blood. You can get 2 side quests in this area. Talk to the goblin near the fence (Sweatcog) to get “Major malfunction” side quest. Talk to the old man near the door to the crypt to get “Cryptic Inheritance” side quest.

Now go inside to

Crypt of sacred blood

Move forward and take the right path first (left door is still locked). Continue and enter small room on the next room (see the location on screenshot above); you may get an unique item in this room (I got Brimfallow utility belt). Touch the lever to extend a bridge, forward and defeat Goblin Demolitoinist.

Check the lever to create a bridge and then move past the guillotine (use dodge button to evade them easily). Check the lever beside the locked door to create another bridge. Follow the path and trigger the switch that you see. It’ll stop the guillotine and open the locked door that you saw earlier.

Go over there and follow the path to the southwest. You’ll see guillotines in this room. Go to the other side of the platform and trigger the switch on the wall. It’ll stop the guillotines and open the door, go inside the room beside the switch; check the table to obtain a new side quest (stolen shipments) and check the altar in blue symbol to obtain Legion’s journal.

Move to the next area to save your game, touch the switch on the pillar. Continue until you see a branching path. Go left first (based on screenshot above) by touching the lever on the leftside. Go pass the bridge and the guillotines and touch the lever to open giant cage in the middle that contain modified automaton (go inside the room and check the table to obtain another legion artifact).

Kill the modified automaton and touch the lever inside the cage. Now go right and do exactly the same thing as you did on the left wing (also check the table in small room to obtain Werner’s merchandise). Now the central bridge should extend, move pass the bridge and continue downstairs. Kill street boss and save your game. Move forward and trigger the lever to extend the bridge and

Mini boss: Master thief

He’s hard (I am at level 22 when fought him). His movement is fast and he can make your character slow. Watch out when he cast 3 glowing orbs at you, evade it on all cost (1 orb deals about 200-300 damage to my Katarina). Special automaton will aid the master thief in this battle. It’s slow but can deal a lot of damage when it attacks. So don’t fight master thief when it’s nearby.

I choose to spare him. Go north and trigger every switch you see along the way (3 switch total).

Ps: there is legion’s item along your path

Continue until you are back at the beginning of this crypt.

Sidequest reminder: Don’t get out from this crypt, take the right path once more time. Follow the path and you should see a blue symbol on your map that leads to “stolen good” item.

After done that get out from this crypt. Go back to Mudgutter to finish this quest.

Sidequest reminder: Talk to Wesner (merchant in lower yard) to return his shipments. You’ll also fight with Sweatcog’s automaton on your way back to Meisterhall.

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