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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: On Holy Ground and Rebirth

On Holy Ground

Spire Bailey

Move north and you’ll meet with Rajani (I chose to spare her life before, so I don’t if you have killed her in the beginning). She’ll tell you about Archon of war and Archon of Vengeance. Now move forward and open the gate. Kill enemies and turn the lever in the middle of this garden (left and right gate still locked now; from this point I’ll refer this spot as “Central Garden”).

Continue north and turn another lever to open both gates on central garden. Check the door of the building in front of the lever; you’ll obtain your last side quest “dungeon siege”. Backtrack to central garden area and head west.

Just keep following the path until you arrive at West Turret. Continue go to the upper level by trigger the elevator. Go into the small room to fight

Mini boss: Archon of War

She’s strong, her attacks can knockback your character so better to evade it (use your dodge button). She may hit your hard, but her little HP which makes this battle quite easy.

Backtrack to the central garden and head east. Just follow the path like in the west side before. This path is harder than the west one because you’ll meet with 3 Archon handmaids; their attack can knock you back so evade it on all cost. You can shop in this area; see the map to find the merchant (I choose to trust him when talking with him for the first time).

Continue to East turret (save your game if you want) and

Mini boss: Archon of Vengeance

She can create a pillar of fire, so watch out the ground and step out (dodge) quickly when you see the fire on the ground. She can cast spread fire which can knock you back just block it to negate the effect (it’s quite hard to dodge).

Now go back to Central garden and head north. You can unlock the door on the north side now. Continue forward to Chancel of Azunai.

Mini boss: 2 cyclops brute and Chakti

It’s kinda like a survival mode, you must kill the target to finish this battle. The enemies will keep coming unless you defeat the target so focus your attack and only kill other enemies if necessary. Chakti’s attack are resemble to 2 archons that you just fought before. Proceed to

Sanctum of Fire

Continue forward and you’ll meet Jeyne again. Fight her and 2 Archons; there is no HP bar in this battle, so I consider this battle as a normal battle, so there is no need for any tactics just whack them. Save your game and ride the elevator to

Saint’s solace

You’ll fight Jeyne in this place. Talk to her when you’re ready.


She can hit you very hard. She can teleport to your character’s position, so if you’re using ranged character (Katarina,etc) please be careful. Her attacks also have a knockback attribute.

For Katarina: I use one heartbreak shot and then dodge to avoid his teleport attack. Just repeat this pattern until you defeat her.

Event. Follow Marten to the elevator. Ride it down enter the causeway and (Open the treasure chest on your right as soon as you get off from the elevator, I believe that the treasure chest contains all uniques weapon for each characters in this game). Near the causeway, you’ll meet with .. Fitch (I chose to lock him, why is he out now?? arrgh , Marten..). You can shop for the last time, so make good use of it 😀 (if you have chosen to free him before, he may give discount on his goods).

You’ll arrive at the legion chapterhouse. Follow Armand and you’ll meet with Lazar, guide them back to the causeway. Now go downstairs and head to east forest. From here just go north to the Mournweald.

Follow the path while killing all enemies that block your path. You’ll meet with Jeyne and

Final BOSS: Corrupted Creator

1st phase: You need to attack his right hand. This phase is very easy, no dangerous attacks. He can summons minions sometimes (about 3 monsters at a time). After you have lowered ¼ of his HP. It’ll switch into

2nd phase: This phase is harder than before (of course!!). He’ll summons a lot of minions to attack you; there will be a black aura that will slow your characters movements. You can simply evade/kill the enemies until he absorbs them. Stand behind the rocks to block when he absorbs his minions to avoid the damage from his scream.

For Katarina users: I use warding ritual and then use pistol power attack to keep away them from me. I have died a lot when trying to kill all of them, so I think it’s a better way to defeat this boss.

Choose whatever you want with Jeyne. Congratulations you just beat Dungeon siege 3.

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