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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: On the Road and The Root of Matter

On the Road

Talk to Odo and he will tell you that the bridge has been fixed. Get out from chapterhouse and you’ll meet Lazar Bazili. He’ll ask you for a help, accept it to get a new sidequest (Heroes of old). Now go to eastern swamp (where you killed Boris on side quest). The bridge is fixed now, go pass it.

Tips: Finish the side quest because you won’t back to this place for a quite long time

Eastern Swamp Bluffs

Move forward an dyou’ll meet with Leopod. He’ll tell you that there is a battle ahead. Continue and you should notice that the north path is blocked by a broken cart. Go left to

Bioluminescent cave

Just move along the path while take all the treasures along your path. You’ll meet with Lucas in this cave (I use Katarina), ask him to join your party. Attack the cart that blocked your path and check it to make it disappear. Continue to

Swamp battlefield

It’s basically a town; there is a shop in this area. Move forward and you’ll meet with general Devonsey. He’ll ask you to find Phineas, accept it and you’ll begin a new quest.

The Root of Matter

Go west of Devonsey and talk to Roderick to get a new side quest (Lost in the Swamp). Get out from the exit nearby to

Gloamwood bog

Follow the path and help lost scouts on your path (the wood can’t be opened at this moment so don’t even bother). Follow the path until you arrive at

First People Village

You’ll meet with the general in here. They’ll attack the village, move forward and head northwest first to activate the lever to raise the bridge.

Tips: Be careful, the enemy can cause a poison status and try not to stand on green gas area (they will hurt you, it’s not just an eye candy :D).

Backtrack and take the right path, cross the bridge that you just raised. You’ll see an event with Maru Yatum, just answer anything 😀 because they will lead to the same thing.You’ll be surrounded by a lot of enemies. Defeat them and proceed to the top of this village (Not sure if you can save your game at this point because I have tried it and it told me to finish all the battle first even all enemies nearby already dead).

On the top of the floor you’ll fight with Marum Yatu. Defeat him; he’ll approve your strength and promise to free Phineas. He also gave you an ability to open “locked wood“. Take all the treasure chests that Marum Yatu gives you. Head back to Swamp Battlefield.

Tips: You’ll meet with Arah on your way back to Swamp battlefield. Accept her request to obtain a new side quest. I also suggest you to finish both of the side quests you just got (lost in the woods and Missionary work; visit this link for the detail).

Talk to General Devonsey and then Phineas, follow him to the opposite direction of Gloamwood Bog. Phineas will raise the “land” so you can get across to

Road to Stonebridge

Be careful when you see a group of people with red aura. See an event and you’ll fight Svarbog.

Tips: you’ll be ambushed at the beginning of this battle, so fix your position first before continue fighting.

Follow the path until you arrive at the big gate. Talk to the robot in front of the gate. You can go inside the town now. This will end this quest.

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