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Posted on Jun 27, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: Strike and On Holy Ground


Take the south path in the branching path shown in the screenshot. You’ll arrive at

The foundry

Talk to Deter (blue symbols), go to the east room and check the table to obtain lore (stonebridge the great foundry). Go right (west) until your character’s stance change into fighting stance. Enter the door and then follow the path. Check the paper on the ground to obtain lore.

Continue west and then head north to switch the entrance gear (1/5) (blue symbol). Backtrack and then head west to the next room. Go north to the upper level and keep following the path to the south until you see 2nd save point in this area. Move west and then trigger the lever to rotate the bridge.

Cross the bridge (defeat Cyclops Foreman) and then you should see blue symbol on your map when you have crossed the bridge. Check it to activate Junction gear works (2/5). Head south and trigger another switch (pit gearworks 3/5). Now go to the location shown in the screenshot and trigger the switch to rotate the bridge.

Cross the bridge and keep moving north to 3rd save point. Continue and you’ll see a man (Olbert) ask you to free his subordinates. Touch the switch nearby to free Olbert, continue forward and you’ll arrive at the same area shown in the screenshot.

Sidequest reminder: You’ll see 3 blue symbols like in the screenshot, so go over there and turn the lever/switch to complete the objective of your quests.

Continue forward to the save point. Keep following the path and you’ll meet

Mini Boss:Ergometheus

He is easy as a normal Cyclops, only can deal more damage than ordinary one. Fire jackal will aid him in this battle but it’s no big deal since they’re easy to kill.

After the battle I choose to talk for him to Kassel. You’ll obtain a key, continue forward until you’re back at the first area of this Foundry. You’ll see Fiddlewick and Kassel talking (I choose that the Cyclops need fair payment and this choice increase Anjali’s influence on me).

This will finish “ Strike” Main quest.

Get out from the foundry and you’ll meet with Martin and start a new quest immediately.

Your goal is go back to the Meisterhall. You’ll fight 2 unique automatons on your way back there; they’re quite powerful so watch out! Enter the Meisterhall and see the event. Save your game if you want before enter the causeway.

BOSS: D.O Gent

It’s between easy and hard. Evade the automaton on all cost; there are a lot of them in this battle. Try to circle around them to shoot the generator without interruption. You can’t damage the old Gent directly, that’s why I told you to shoot the generators. First you must destroy the unprotected generator; the barrier which protects Gent will disappear once you have successfully done it. You must do these 3 times to defeat him. (See the video for more detailed information)

On Holy Ground

Once you have defeated Gent, you’ll be back at Meisterhall. I choose to keep Old Gent with Legion. After another event, the meister will agree to cooperate with legion. MAKE SURE YOU SAY “NOT READY” IF YOU WANT TO FINISH A NEW SIDE QUEST

Now talk to Mudgutter to obtain the new side quest (Uncovering the Past) that I talked about.

TIPS: Finish all the side quests before you talk again with Mayor Grimmelhaus because it seems that you can’t go back once you have gone to the next part of this game.

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