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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Main Quest: The Tumbledown Court

The Tumbledown Court

Enter the causeway

Stonebridge causeway

Head north to the east (Glitterdelve causeway), enter the portal and you’ll arrive at

Frostspire Mountain

Move forward and take treasure chest on the left side. Continue forward and watch out for cannon’s fire (It can deal up to 150 damages to your character). Continue and you’ll fight enemies (be careful; fat troll has a lot of HP, kill other enemies before focusing on this one).

Walk past the dragon cannon (you need a gunpowder to use it). Continue to the old tower (you can’t go inside too because it’s locked). Move forward and talk to Royalist Sapper. He’ll give you a new sidequest (making an entrance).

Move forward and then take the left path, open the treasure chest to obtain a cannonball. Lit the cannon nearby (see blue symbol on your map); It’ll blow the cave entrance and complete your objective. Now take the right path and break the wall of ice that blocks your way. Continue inside the waterfall and talk to Ibsen. He will give you a side quest and main quest (You can’t open the treasure in this this room yet). Continue to

PS: You must finish “In Solitude” to progress further.

The Kaari pass

See the map above ,go to the 1st conduit location. Kill Elder Frost Dakkenweyr and then destroy the conduit (you need to attack it). Backtrack a little and then head left to 2nd and 3rd conduit location. Just keep following the path and go to blue symbol that appeared on the mini map.

You’ll find 3rd conduit earlier than 2nd one, but that’s not important because you can don’t need to destroy it in order. You can found lost men (untamed mountain side quest) in area between 2nd and 3rd conduit, kill all enemies nearby and then talk to them. Destroy 3rd conduit and go back to Ibsen to report this good news.

TIPS: As long as you don’t finish “in solitude” quest Kaari pass will become a maze. So be careful not to get lost in here.

He’ll give you a reward and you can open the treasure chest now. Talk again to him to trigger a new side quest (Ibsen’s cave). Now go back to 2nd conduit location, continue passing the save point. Keep moving forward on the cliff path (beware of cannon fire). Proceed and there will be boulders that prevent you from going back. Continue to the cave nearby and help soldiers who are fighting wendigo.

Save your game and continue to meet Phineas. After an event, go left and destroy the crystals on the south. Take treasures and then backtrack to the right. Check the floating stone and hop into it. Take the treasure chest and go back. Continue north to

The Deep Well

Check the stone and then ride the floating stone nearby to the other platforms. Follow the path and enter small passageway to meet with the queen.

Main Menu


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