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Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Side Quest: Chapterhouse

Hiding Out

Location: East Forest

Client: Tatyana (Raven’s rill)


You should trigger this automatically when you’re trying to get out from lower raven’s rill (after finishing Gunderic manor quest and you need to talk to Odo in “Search of Survivors“). Go to east forest and head north to the east to Shadowrift cavern. Walk to the end of this cave and then check white web on that area. You need to kill giant spider to finish this quest.

Tips: Palefang can summons many small spiders to assist her. Try to run away from her if you’re a ranged character while killing small spiders. For Katarina, pistols works very good in this battle, as they hit multiple targets at a time. Palefang itself is not too hard.

You’ll get a reward and finish this quest after succesfully killing Palefang.

A Loss for Words

Location: east forest entrance (after get out from chapterhouse)

Client: Corpse


Check the corpse in front of the chapterhouse (east forest).It’ll tell you about treasure room inside the chapterhouse. You need to gather 3 missing books which scattered in this area. Keep going north until you arrive at area shown in the screenshot.

First book: just go inside to Shadowrift cavern and you can find on the location shown in the screenshot

Second book: Go north to the mournweald, it’s near the location where you see an event (the tree open a way to the mournweald).

Third book: Go west from 2nd book and you must fight Elden Darkenweyr first to obtain the missing genealogies

After you have found all of them go back to Chapterhouse and you should notice blue symbol quest in this house. Go upstairs (same floor with weapon seller) and head to the blue symbol location. Check it to open the door that leads you to secret treasure chest and finish this quest.

Heroes of Old + Relic of Another Ages

Heroes crypt

Location: eastern swamp

Client: Lazar and Maxi


Heroes crypt located on the opposite direction of eastern swamp (place where you kill boris; it’s near broken bridge to Swamp battlefield). Talk to Maximilien in front of the door and choose anything you want (whether to take him or not). Examine both statues nearby and use signet ring to activate them.

The crypt’s door will be opened now. Maximilien will talk to you again and it’ll trigger another quest (Relic of another ages). Go inside the crypt, move forward to the lower level (the right door is still locked now). Be careful, you’ll meet with skeletal champion over there (it’s not hard, just a special enemy). Proceed to giant square room; check the middle left room to obtain the crypt key. Use the key to open locked room nearby (see your map; the room that I mean has blue symbol and save symbol inside). Take skull of Norick from the table.

Continue northeast and keep following the path until you see Montbaron lady statue. Be careful as you step into that statue there will be an ambush. Follow the path and you’ll hear the voice again. Kill skeletal champion and open the door nearby. Save your game and go downstairs to

The hall of heroes

Examine all of the coffins, some of them are treasure chests. You should find the staff of Merik in this room. Go north and fight Drakomir

Tips: Keep your distance from him, his attack can make your character staggering. But it’s really not a big deal because it’s very easy to avoid (if you’re a ranged character). He can also summon a lot of skeletons, so if you’re using Katarina always keep your MP so you can use warding ritual and “focused” pistol attack.

After defeating him continue forward and follow the path (check the coffin to obtain a legendary item for Anjali; vestments of life everlasting). Take Lord Bolingar’s shattered blade from the table. get out from this crypt and you’ll meet with Lazar. This will end “heroes of old” side quest. Talk to Maxi to sell 3 artifacts you just found, and it will complete another quest “relic of another ages“.

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