Eternity Warriors 4 Guide Boss Raid Tips |
Posted on Oct 1, 2015

Eternity Warriors 4 Guide Boss Raid Tips

Eternity Warriors 4 Guide Boss Raid Tips

Eternity Warrior 4 Boss Raid Event

Every day there will be an event called boss raid. There are 2 boss raids in a day. You can get “VP” from this event.

VP are used to buy daily ticket and offerings on the store.

On this battle you simply need to deals as much damage as possible before you die or before the times run out. All players from the world are fighting exact same monsters, so the battle screen can become really hectic….

Every time you survive the battle (3 minutes) you will get 1 VP….. yes only 1….

You enter the boss raid event with “crystal” (special stamina for boss raid). you’re given 5 crystals every boss raid and it will automatically refreshed on the next boss raid. It means that you can enter the boss raid 5 times maximum. You can also use all 5 crystals to get 5x damage boost.

Eternity Warrior 4 Damage Boost on raid

Theoretically it’s same, but the boss tends to be more aggressive to the highest damage dealer, since you’re now 5 times more powerful, there is a high chance you’re the strongest damage dealer on the arena. This will make you getting killed sooner than 3 minutes, so it’s your choice :), however it will save you a lot of time.. 5 (crystals) * 3 minutes = 15 minutes….. if you enter with only 1x damage multiplier.

Eternity Warriors 4 Boss Raid Fail

At the time this post was written (1 October 2015), the players on the game haven’t managed to beat the boss.. (the highest HP reduced is only about 10%). This makes the event is not worth doing, because you only get the rewards listed on the chart if we all manage to beat the boss. Let’s hope they reduce the Boss’s Hp or tweak the system (like the boss HP is not fully refreshed on the next batch, etc).

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