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Eternity Warriors 4 How to Farm Gold Guide

Eternity Warriors 4 How to Farm Gold Guide

Gold is needed to enchant your characters, for more tips about enchanting visit THIS PAGE.

Where you can get Gold?

From the normal stage

On this game all levels generate same amount of gold and XP.

  • Regular Level (5 energy): gives you 500 Gold
  • Semi-boss/Secret Level (10 energy): gives you 1000 Gold
  • Boss: gives you 2000 Gold

That’s why it’s really hard to gather money later in the game, because golds generated are not increased on the late level.

From Daily Event

Eternity Warrior 4 Daily Event

These events cost 20 energy to enter but they’re really worth, so make sure you enter them everyday

  • Treasure Hunt: Gives you 6000 Gold
  • Scavenger: Gives you 3000 Gold
  • Forged In Battle: Gives you 2000 Gold

You can only enter them twice/day (VIP 0, you get more tries if you upgrade your VIP membership). You still use the quota even when you fail the mission (death, run out of time, etc), so make sure your PS close (or even more) than suggested PS.

The difficulty of the daily dungeon based on your level. However, the reward is not increased even when the difficulty increased…. Always do Treasure Hunt and Scavenger quests first, this will prevent you from over leveling (which will increase the difficulty) before you are able to finish the quest. It seems that the quest get an increased in term of difficulty every 5 levels.

From Daily Quest

Eternity Warrior 4 Daily Quest

The Daily Quest is a great source for gathering gold, make sure you complete all the objectives. Completing them all gives you 20,000 Golds. Don’t hesitate to complete the daily quest that requires you to exchange gems for gold/energy.

Exchanging 5 gems will give you 10,000 gold, always do this every day (once per day if you’re VIP 0). 5 gems are very easy to obtain, simply watch those free videos on gems shop.

Eternity Warrior 4 Exchange Gems for coins

From other event such Guild Boss Raid, etc

You can get golds when you participate on the guild raid boss event too. Try to have 4 people because the rewards are depends on total damage dealt (with 4 persons, you will deal more damage).

Other sources of gold (un-renewable):

  • Trial Arena: This will give you a lot of golds. Visit THIS PAGE for the guide about it. Make sure you check it when you reach the required PS.
  • Primary Quest, take it every time you have cleared them.

If you have more tips or suggestion, please leave them in the comments.

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