Eternity Warriors 4 How to Get Better Equipments and Items |
Posted on Oct 1, 2015

Eternity Warriors 4 How to Get Better Equipments and Items

Eternity Warriors 4 How to Get Better Equipments and Items

Equipment on this game have 5 different qualities:

  • Gray: Normal/Common; All missions
  • Green: Uncommon; All missions
  • Blue: Rare: All Missions
  • Purple: Epic: semi boss mission, rare mission, and boss mission
  • Yellow: Legendary; boss mission only

Other than that you can also get equipments from Offerings. Legendary Equipments can only obtained on the God of Gold Offering.

The difference of the rarity is on the random and primary attributes.

Common equipment has low base attributes and 0 random property
Uncommon equipment has normal base attributes and have 1 random attribute
Rare equipment has high base attributes and have 2 random attributes
Epic Equip has the higher base attributes and have 3 random attributes
Legendary equipment has the highest base attributes and have 4 random attributes

Eternity Warrior Offering to God

Tips: Never offer God of Gold until you reach lvl 32 (last tier of equipments). It’s really expensive and really not worth it. Save all your gold offering until late game.

There are also another tier of equipments, they’re called “set”. You can only get them by using relics. The set has 3 different qualities

  • Blue: Rare Set
  • Purple: Epic Set
  • Yellow: Legendary Set

You can get the relic by break down “normal” rare/epic/legendary equipments. 1 equipment is worth 1 relic.

Rare Equipment => Rare Relic
Epic Equipment => Epic Relic
Legendary Equipment => Legendary Relic

Never sell your rare/epic/legendary equipments, it’s always better to break them down!!

Eternity Warrior 4 Rare set

It’s really recommended for you to use set items, since they give a lot of bonus when you equip the same set.

2 pieces of set : bonus Health
4 pieces of set: bonus Defense
7 pieces of set: bonus Attack

To create rare equipment simply go to black smith and choose to create it. You will see “available” if you have enough relic to create the equipments.

Breaking down set equipment will give you a lot of relics (not 100% but a lot), so you don’t need to afraid to create one because you can always recycle them later.

Eternity Warriors 4 Relic Shard from Break down

Example: I break down my lvl 22-30 set equipments, it costs 35 blue relics to create. Breaking it down gives me 28 blue relics which mean the cost of the lvl 22-30 equipments is only 7 relics (it may be different like shown in the screen shot).

For lvl 12 – 20, I suggest you to use rare set equipments. Don’t bother for epic or legendary, rare is more than enough.
For lvl 22 – 30, you may want start to mix rare and epic set, keep your gold offering  for later.
For lvl 32-40, spend all your gold offering and hope you get legendary equipments. Other than that try to have epic set equipments. This is the last phase of the game , so don’t be afraid to spend all your resources (gems, etc).

That’s all you need to know about the equipment and items, if you have any questions, feel free to leave comment.

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