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Posted on Oct 8, 2015

Eternity Warriors 4 Star Stones Farming Guide

Eternity Warriors Star Slot Kirin

What’s the function of the stones?

It’s basically same as equipment, to boost your status. You can’t remove them once you put it on the socket (you can exchange them with higher level stones or upgrade them though). You will unlock more slots as you level up, you can have 15 stars when you reach lvl 38.

Upgrading Star Stones

Eternity Warriors 4  Star Stones Upgrade

You need 5 same type of gems to level up the gems to the next level. Example: You need 5 x lvl 1 gems to create 1 x lvl 2 gems. This means you need 3125 gems to make 1 x lvl 5 gems.

Lvl Atk Def Health Res. Chance Res. Rate Cr. Dmg Cr. Chance
1 36 36 756 3.9 19.3 19.3 6.2
3 108 108 2268 11.6 58 58 11.6
5 288 288 6048 31 154.8 154.8 31

Where you can get the stones?

From Guild Store

You can buy lvl 3┬ástones from the guild stores for 500 Guild Mark. You can buy higher level stones when your guild’s level reach lvl 4. It’s a good method to get the stones especially if your guild level is high (you get a lot of daily quest). However, be careful !! Make sure you are active inside the guild so they don’t kick you out :), because you will lose all your guild marks if that happen!!

Buy from the stones store

You can buy it by using gems, in my opinion this is the best way to spend your hard earned gems, because the gems effect are forever and will still be the same until the end of the game. Lvl 1 stone only cost 5 gems.

From Scavenger Event

The event may gives you star stones but they only give you 1 or 2 stones per day. This means you need minimum of 3,125 days to max out one type of gems….

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