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Posted on Apr 28, 2014

Family Guy Chris Griffin

Unlocked at District 1

How to Unlock
1st quest in the game

Level Up Rewards

Lvl New Traits
2 Action unlocked “Look for Nose Goblins”
Action unlocked “Fat Leapfrog”
3 Action unlocked “Enjoy Private time”
4 New Facespace post
Action Unlocked ” Enjoy Glue”
5 Action unlocked “Get Easily Smitten With Girls”
Action unlocked “Eat Sugar”
6 Nothing
7 Nothing
8 New FaceSpace Post
9 Nothing

Chris’ Action

Action Time Coins XP Additional Info
Find a New FriendFamily Guy Chris Find a Friend 1 min 5 3
Nose GoblinsFamily Guy Chris Find a Nose Goblin 1 hour 20 12
Fat Kid Hula HoopFamily Guy Chris Fat Kid Huula Hop 4 hours 50 30
Enjoy Private TimeFamily Guy Chris Enjoy Private Time 6 hours 65 45
Eat a Large HamFamily Guy Chris Eat Large Ham 8 hours 80 50
Fat LeapfrogFamily Guy Chris Fat Leapfrog 12 hours 250 165 Require Peter
Enjoy GlueFamily Guy Chris Enjoy Glue 21 hours 100 65
Eat SugarFamily Guy Chris Enjoy Sugar 24 hours 150 100
Walk Brian Requires Brian Griffin
Paint Chris Requires John Herbert
Get Easily Smitten With Girls Requires James Wood High


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