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Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Family Guy How to Unlock Lois

Unlocked at District 3

How to unlock:
Finish Dollars and Sense Pt. 3

Level Up Rewards

Lvl New Traits
2 Action Unlocked “Shoplift”
3 New FaceSpace Post
Action Unlocked “Buy Groceries”
Action Unlocked “Have Fun in the Sun”
4 Action Unlocked “Bake Cookies to Solve Problems”
5 New FaceSpace Post
Rambo Lois
Action Unlocked “Freshen Up”
6 New FaceSpace Post
Action Unlocked “Do the Laundry”

Lois’ Action

Action Times Coins XP Additional Info
Get an Adrenaline RushFamily Guy Lois action Get An Adrenaline Rush 1 min 5 3
Practice Tai-JitsuFamily Guy Lois action Practice Tai-Jitsu 2 hours 30 20
Teach PianoFamily Guy Lois action Teach Piano 4 hours
Have Fun In the SunFamily Guy Lois action Have Fun in the Sun 4 hours 125 75 Require Bonnie
ShopliftFamily Guy Lois action Shoplift 8 hours 80 50
Resolve Marital IssuesFamily Guy Lois action Resolve Marital Issue 8 hours 200 125 Require Peter
Bake Cookies to Solve ProblemsFamily Guy Lois action Bake cookie to solve problems 10 hours 90 59
Buy GroceriesFamily Guy Lois action Shoplift 12 hours 100 65
Freshen Up Require Lois Griffin level 5;
Do the Laundry Require Lois Griffin level 6;
Save Lois Require Lois Griffin level 7;
Read Meg’s Diary Requires: Meg Griffin
Smack Her Boob Requires: Lois Griffin Level 8;


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