Posted on Apr 19, 2014

Family Guy The Great Quahog Multiverse Quest

The Great Quahog Multiverse

Family Guy Quahog Multiverse

Requirement: Level 3

Description: Follow Stewie into the Multiverse

How to
[0] Visit an Alternate Quahog
[0] Tap characters that have “checklist” icon.

Rewards: 25 Coins and 20 XP


[Beginning of the Quest]

Character Dialogue
Family Guy Stewie Icon And Stewie shows up in the game! What’s up, b.tch.s!

[End of the Quest]

Character Dialogue
Family Guy Ollie Icon Bye! Come again!
Family Guy Stewie Icon Thanks, Ollie. What a nice guy. His house has a whole fridge full of Fiji Water. Very classy. And your Quahog can be even classier if you keep rebuilding.

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