Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Character Guide: Bruce |
Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Character Guide: Bruce

Unlocked at District 2

How to unlock
Finish Clam Juice Pt. 4

Level Up Rewards

Lvl New Traits
2 Facespace Post
Action Unlocked “Fret in Line”
Action Unlocked “Pass Out Flyers”
3 New FaceSpace Post
4 Action Unlocked “Frolic with Jeffrey”
5 Action Unlocked “Teach CPR”
6 Action Unlocked “Kitten Pickin”
7 None
8 None

Bruce’s  Action

Items can only be generated when there is an active demands for quest.

Action Times Coins XP Additional Info
Search for a JobFamily Guy Bruce Action Help Wanted 1 min 5 3
Pass Out FlyersFamily Guy Bruce Action Pass Out Flyers 2 hours 30 20 Can generate:
[0] Fancy Pants
[0] Coupoun
Be a Good ListenerFamily Guy Bruce Action Be a Good Listener 4 hours 50 30
Fret About SomethingFamily Guy Bruce Action Fret About Something 6 hours 65 45
Make Bathtub GinFamily Guy Bruce Action Make A Bathtub Gin 8 hours 80 50
Frolic with JeffreyFamily Guy Bruce Action Frollic with Jeffrey 12 hours 100 65
Kitten PickinFamily Guy Bruce Action Kitten Pickin 20 hours 135 90
Fret in LineFamily Guy Bruce Action Fret About Something 1 day 150 100
Teach CPR ? ? ? Requires: James Woods High


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