Posted on Apr 19, 2014

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Guide and Wiki

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Guide

Family Guy The Quest for the Stuff

Limited Quest and Costume

Pee Pants The Inebriated Hobo Clown (Expired)

Family Guy Hobo Clown Peter

The Greatest Little Quahog Circus (Rewards: 10 Clams)

Material Needed

Cotton Candy x 60 (always from Cotton candy stand; Price: 500 Coins)
Pie x40 (always from “guess your weight machine”; Price 100 Clams)
Horns x 15 (Always from clown and  Clown Tent; Price 100 Clams)

District 1 Complete Quest List

District 2 Complete Quest List

District 3 Complete Quest List

District 4 Complete Quest List

District 5 Quest

District 6 Quest

Characters List/ Costume Guide


Material List and Location (coming soon)

My Facebook email: (name: Nathan Drake)


If you need a friends please leave your id here (on the comment)/ add mine (I need friends :), it’s still 0 on my account) until proper page for friends code available.

The guide is still on draft mode. Please be patient while I’m updating it :).

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18 Responses to “Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Guide and Wiki”

  1. Tobenits says:

    Noob, did you quit this game? Don’t see the pyramid when I visit your town.

  2. Tobenits says:

    Looking for friends. E-mail:

  3. Tobenits says:

    I am posting this to possibly help new players (though I am a new player myself) from possibly loosing out on 25 clams. One early quest gives you 24 hours to unlock Lois. If you are able to do so in the said time frame, you would be given 25 clams as a reward.

    First of all, I am not sure as to how the quest would be triggered. On my game, I already had the STOP & SHOP out and was already in the process of unlocking Lois. The quest would come from Peter. If I recall correctly, the quest “!” came directly after I finished “doing taxes with Mort and Peter” (I assume there is one quest in Mort’s sequence that requires such action. ) As I said above, am not sure if the quest only triggers with the S&S already built, or not. But if the quest does trigger even without the S&S, I suggest building it early just to be on the safe side to save on precious time so that its build time would not eat any of your 24-hour period.

    The quest requires you to obtain several items:

    6 weed bags: This is pretty easy as you could obtain these by doing 1 minute actions.
    6 medicine containers: obtained through the pharmacy collection, peter breaking stuff and another action, which I believe includes Mort (could be the cowering one).
    6 wine glasses: obtained through the Founding Fathers, Jerome doing his fro, and Bruce doing that gin bath.
    6 lipsticks: Obtained by Bonnie having Happy Hour/Ladies Night, Chris having Private time. Am not sure if it could be obtained through building collection. But this was a part I had some luck in. As you also need the lipstick to make Peter’s outfit, I already had 5 on hand. I suggest doing the same before starting quest. This saved me a lot of time and was one of the factors I was able to finish on time.
    Build the Day Spa: Assuming you haven’t built it yet when the quest starts, like I had, construction takes 12 hours. It would also help greatly if you already have the funds available to be able to start construction immediately. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how much it costs as I don’t have the building on my list anymore (looks like you can only have 1 of said building).

    Like I said, I am uncertain on what exactly triggers the quest, but am hoping reading this would help people be somehow prepared and not loose out on 25 clams. Plus hope that your Luck holds out as finishing actions/collecting frombuildings DOESN’T ALWAYS give out the needed materials (which is very very frustrating).

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I never get the quest :(. Thanks for the info though.

      • Tobenits says:

        Am not sure what triggered it. But the way I bought buildings, I bought the pharmacy first and got Mort unlocked first prior to Lois and the Stop and Shop. But from the series of quest you had with your quest links, it appears that Lois was part of a conversation discussing “finding Mort”. So the quest might only appear if done the way I did it. The only reason I found out I was missing Lois was because on the facebook page, I had an empty picture prior to Mort, which meant I accidentally skipped Lois.

        • Rocko says:

          I got it too. I built Mort’s shop before Lois’s. I think that is how you trigger it.

          If you focus on the task and get a little bit of luck from the buildings, you’ll finish the task easily.

  4. kassi says:

    Have you been able to get any clowns after chris got rid of the 10 for the quest? I was hoping to get more pies and horns out of them so i dont have to get the tent and the weight thing. I want pee pants the hobo clown outfit really bad.

    • kassi says:

      Nevermind I got another clown finally I hope I can get enough for hobo clown before times up 🙂

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hmm, the quest is very easy to solve (reward 10 clams), but It seems we can’t get the clown costume without buying the decoration, the hibi clown spawn rate is really really terrible….I left the game for 6 hours and only 3 new clowns appear….. if the quest have a long time we can do this, but from the announcement it’s only available until Sunday.. only 1 day left…..

        • Intrinsicat says:

          Yep I’ve pretty much concluded I’m not getting the outfit! Too many pies and horns. Not enough clowns. I tried to find your name or email on Facebook to add… No luck.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          heh?? my facebook account is What’s yours? I will try to add it. The outfit is very expensive IMO… you need 200 clams so you can have decorations that can generate pies and horns. I am just playing the normal quest and gathering clams to unlock limited characters :).

        • Intrinsicat says:

          Huh i must’ve typed it wrong last time. Just sent you a friend request! Here’s hoping the clowns stick around for a while

      • Intrinsicat says:

        I got the clown suit just in the nick of time, I also sent a friend request – hope it went through

  5. mattilac says:

    tiny id deleted

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I delete your tiny id for safety purpose (if you play other tinyco games, they can ask to exchange the save file using your UDID numbers). You don’t need UDID number for getting friends on this game. You need facebook id or google + id. BTW friend is kinda useless on this game, since they limit you only able to get 5 clams/week from social feature (we can simply visit Ollie for clam).

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