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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Peter Guide

Unlocked at District 1

How to
Initial Character

Other Costumes:
[0] Tweaked Peter
[0] Golden Suit Peter
[0] Hooker Peter
[0] Long John Peter

Level Up Rewards

Lvl New Traits
2 Action Unlocked ” Surf the bird”
3 Tweaked Out Peter Costume
Action Unlocked “Dance the shipoopi”
Action Unlocked “Stub His Knee”
4 New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Cook Disgusting Vegetables”
5 New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Taste the Rapier”
6 Long John Peter
New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Double checked birth certificate”
7 New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Bench Press Whales”
8 New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Watch Cartoons”
9 New FaceSpace post.
Action Unlocked “Ride the Washing Machines”
10 New FaceSpace post
Action Unlocked “Write on George Takei’s Facebook”
Action Unlocked “Play with Expensive X-ray Machine”

Peter’s Action

Family Guy Peter Action Dance Shipoopi

Action Time Coins XP Additional Info
Surf the Bird 1 min 5 3
Hang Out the Clam 1 hour 20 12
Stub His Knee 2 hours 30 20
Do an Ethnic HandShake 2 hours 75 50 Require Jerome
Cook Disgusting Vegetables 4 hours 50 30 Peter Griffin Lvl 4
Have Nap Time 6 hours 165 115 Require Quagmire
Overeat 6 hours 65 45 Requires: McBurgertown
Do Peter’s Taxes 6 hours 165 115 Require Mort
Dance the Shipoopi 8 hours 80 50
Resolve Marital Issues 8 hours 200 125 Require Lois
Kick Stuff! Roadhouse! 12 hours 100 65
Fat Leapfrog 12 hours 250 165 Require Chris
Double Check Birth Certificate 20 hours 135 90
Watch Cartoons 24 hours 150 100
Heated Argument Require Consuela
Chortle Peter Griffin Level 11
Drinks With Peter Requires Buzz Killington
Taste the Rapier Requires Herbert’s House and Peter Lvl 5
Play with Expensive X-ray Machine Peter Griffin Level 10 and Quahog Hospital
Ride the Washing Machine Peter Griffin Level 9
Respect Bear O’clock Require Joe Swanson
Bench Press Whales Peter Griffin Level 7 and Quahog Wharf
Write on George Takei’s Facebook Peter Griffin Level 14


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