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Fantasy Forest Story Arabian Night Storybook Adventure

You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems. only skip the first few chapter because the cost is still small (5 gems).

The waiting times is always different and it depends how fast you finish the quest. Here’s the explanation:

[0] The new quest is available on 00.00 AM PST (fantasy forest story server time).
[0] Let’s say you finish the quest at 23.00 PST time, then you only need to wait one hour before you get the new quest.
[0] If you finish the quest at 01.00 PST, then you need to wait 23 hours :).

FFS Arabian Night Feature

Quest Description

Plant xx food: You only need to plant, the quest will be completed once you have planted the food (no need to wait the food)

Harvest xx food: you need to plant and then wait until you can harvest the food. You can plant the food, and then harvest them when you get the quest to finish it quickly. See the guide below.

Raise animal to lvl ..: You can raise the animal to max level, even before you get the quest. Don’t be afraid since the quest will automatically completed when you get it. HOWEVER, it’s different from..

Feed xx animals for xx times: Don’t feed the animal before you get the quest because it won’t be counted.

The quests below are for high level players; above lvl 30), so if your level is lower, then you may find the quests are different

Chapter 1 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 5 Adventurnips
Act 2: Collect 1 Lamp from the mine
Rewards: 8 Realm Runes

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Hatch any animal
Act 2: Plant 3 rune prunes
Act 3: Collect 6 desert gems from evolving any animal
Act 4: Breed Chromadile with another animal
RewardsPersian Leopard (earth fire animal)

Chapter 3 of 10

Act 1: Hatch Persian Leopard
Act 2: Collect 32 magic carpet from harvesting (1 Carpet/hour food)
Act 3: Raise Persian Leopard to lvl 5
Act 4: Collect 2 lamp from mining
Rewards: 5000 Apples

Chapter 4 of 10

Act 1:Raise Persia Leopard to lvl 8
Act 2: Hatch armordillo (12 hours earth fire… very easy to get 🙂 )
Act 3: Plant 6x spell melon
Rewards: Decoration

Chapter 5 of 10

Act 1: Feed Armordillo 30 times
Act 2: Collect 50 Magic Carpet from harvesting any food (1.5 magic carpet/ hour food)
Act 3: Breed Racmoon with another animal
Act 4: Raise Persian Leopard to level 11
Rewards: 20000 Coins and 5000 XP

Chapter 6 of 10

Act 1: Collect 4 lamps from mining
Act 2: Plant 6 Mystic Mangos
Act 3: Collect 8 Desert Gems from evolving (1 per hour)
Act 4: Raise Persian Leopard to level 15
Rewards: Winged Lion (lightning fire)

Chapter 7 of 10

Act 1: Hatch Winged Lion
Act 2: Hatch Firefox (Fire + Dark; 9 hours)
Act 3: Raise Winged Lion to Lvl 4
Rewards: Decoration

Chapter 8 of 10

Act 1: Collect 60 Magic Carpet from harvesting
Act 2: Raise Winged Lion to lvl 7
Act 3: Feed firefox 25 times
Act 4: Plant 6 adventurnips
Rewards: 10 runes

Chapter 9 of 10

Act 1: Raise Winged Lion to lvl 11
Act 2: Feed Firefox 15x
Act 3: Collect 5 Lamp from mine
Act 4: Hatch Frostfang
Rewards: 7500 Food

Chapter 10 of 10

Act 1: Feed frostfang 30 times
Act 2: Raise Winged Lion to lvl 14
Act 3: Collect 50 Magic Carpet by harvesting
Act 4: Breed Persian Leopard with any animal
Act 5: Collect 6 Desert Gems from evolving any animals
Rewards: Arabian Horse

These guides are taken from the storm8 forum. Thanks to people on those forums (Alideh)

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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32 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Arabian Night Storybook Adventure”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What level do storybook adventures unlock? I don’t see anything about it in the game and how do you access it?

  2. Ms.Cheif_420 says:

    just wanna let y’all know that in Chapter 7, Act 2 when u hatch a firefox it takes 9 hours (not 8 like it says above:) Still, thx for posting the above info- it’s been extremely helpful & much appreciated😘‼

  3. Jen says:

    DONOT hatch the Fristfang ahead of time….it won’t count in the chapter! I sold my level 15 fristfang to make a spot for the new one, hatched it ahead of time to try to stay ahead, & it didn’t count. Now I have to sell & buy again. Not that big a deal, but just giving a heads up.

  4. Jen says:

    Do we know what sort of habitat is required for the Arabian horse?

  5. Ms.Cheif_420 says:

    i am SO glad that someone is finally addressing my Storm8 food & gem-stealing conspiracy… lol, but seriously😳!!! Both myself & my fiancé play this game (i have an iphone & he’s got an Android) & it’s like we both get screwed out of gems or food, just in different ways- like he ends up losing gems when he’s harvesting & re-planting food {he “accidentally” taps the option to skip past the growing process using gems, & it’s always when he’s planting the 20 hour Rune Prunes, so he loses 40 gems each time… & i “accidentally” tap the option to spend gems [of course] to guarantee winning a battle & lose 30 gems every time🙊} Also, the reason i put “accidentally” in quotes is cuz neither myself or my fiancé intend on tapping those options… it’s as if the button magically changes under our fingers RIGHT BEFORE we get to tap it… we don’t think it’s really magic though- it’s probably Storm8’s way of (OVER) compensating themselves for giving each player 3 whole gems {@ the most} for free everyday… As silly as it may seem, i know it’s extremely frustrating & annoying, but it would really be bothersome if i was paying for those gems lol😉😉 wish they wud @ least double check before just using the gems…

  6. Ally says:

    How do you hatch a Frostfang? On the page about the animal, there’s no formula to breed it! Please help!

  7. Jen says:

    On Chapter 8, collecting the magic carpets…is that at 1.5 per hour?

  8. Jen says:

    Is there any more info for the rest of the chapters? I think I’ll be finishing 6 tomorrow, and need to get ready to move forward. This information you share is such a big help…thank you so much!

  9. Kat says:

    Can someone please post the last stages of the story? I’m onto the seventh level and i wanna get ready before it starts!

  10. Cosymoonpie says:

    Here’s a wonky question after doing many of these adventures. I have the winged lion sitting on the nest ready to hatch, but the activity “hatch the winged lion” will not come up for me for about 10 hours. Can I hatch it now and have it count later (like evolving does) or do I need to wait for the activity to come up?

  11. savannah says:

    I was following this guide I’m on chapter five right now and my quest has been completely different for some reason the first thing it asked me to do was breed a rock rhino and now I’m gathering 18magic carpets from harvesting and in chapter four I never had to hatch an armordillo so I think every quest is different for each.person but this website is awesome and has helped me a lot keep up the good work!!!

  12. PolarDini says:

    What about those of us who don’t have a chromadile? No advancement past chapter 2 for me! 😞

  13. Kipidi says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing with all of us. Can’t wait for the next part. Hope you will add the rest of the chapters as soon as possible. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.

  14. Savannah says:

    Can someone post the lower levels?

  15. mystic farms says:

    After you hatch the winged lion, you hatch a firefox.

  16. Mystic farms says:

    After you hatch the winged lion, you hatch a firefox.

  17. aster says:

    This is so not cool. I spent almost all of my food for the yin n yang event and now i dont have any food for this storybook T_T if i had known before i would have saved some food. I couldnt even get the yin animal and those animal that i got from yin yang event dont even look that good compared to those from the arabian storybook. This is a conspiracy that they are doing against me, im sure of it T_T. Because with this lil food i wont be able to level the animals (>○<)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      They always do this kind of thing from the beginning of the game :). You must be new to this game, I guess? Don’t start the storybook at this moment, simply gather the food first.

    • watsonparker says:

      If you place in the top ranks of the previous event, you win a load of apples, plus daily harvest… recovering food supply should not be a problem. Good luck!

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