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Fantasy Forest Story Battle Tournament Guide


[0] The most important thing is Elemental weakness. When you attack the enemy, there will be 3 things that happen, ” Strong Attack” , “Weak Attack”, and “Normal Attack (doesn’t display anything)”.

what’s the difference??

The strong attack has higher chance to inflict critical hit on the enemy (which is needed to win the battle). WEAK AND NORMAL ATTACK CAN INFLICT CRITICAL HIT, BUT THE CHANCE IS LOWER THAN STRONG ATTACK.

[0] Then Rarity and Level. You will have a very hard time against ultra rare creature Lvl 18 – 20, if you don’t use Lvl 15 super rare creature against them.

So your priority have “Super Rare” Attacks on each element (6 elements). This can be achieved simply by 3 creatures, mines are
Onyx Ox (Dark-Fire)
Grassquatch (Earth-Plant)
Hippogryph (Water-Lightning)

You don’t need to follow that guideline, the most important thing is to avoid feeding “same” element twice (if you train Onyx Ox then try not to feed Vinotaur because there is fire element), because the super rare creatures need a lot of food.

The most important element in my opinion is dark, why?

From previous experience on stage 27 -30, you will fight Emerald Dragon and Crystal Unicorn. Both of them are Ultra rare and weak to Dark. However, if you don’t use Super Rare Dark (Lvl  15), you will have very hard time against them (example: you use lvl 15 skyger, even skyger is at level 15 it’s only common animals so the chance is pretty small)

The 2nd important element is Plant, why ?

Because Treasure toucan and Golden Retriever are weak against it. They also appear on the last level of the battle tournament. This make Aurora Pegasus is very good animal (it has dark and plant element , it’s also a super rare animal).

Fantasy Forest Story Battle TournamentBasically, it’s same as the battleground, but the battle tournament has a timer (6 days or 2 days) and you need to pay 2500 Coins to enter the battle.

You can only enter the tournament once per hour (you can pay 4 gems to speed up the timer, but 4 gems are really expensive). I suggest you not to pay the timer using gems (unless the deadline is near). I believe you can clear this dungeon without spending any gems because the time frame is really long (I assume you enter the tournament at least 12 times per day, that’s same as 72 tries).

The battle tournament has 12 levels(2 days), 18 levels(3 days), and 30(6 days). The battle principle is same as battleground (the deciding factor is the critical hit). Visit THIS PAGE for more info.

77 th battle tournament: 25 December 2016 – 3 January 2017: Snowflake Drake (END)

78 th battle tournament: 10 January 2017 – 16 January 2017: Cave art Sabertooth (END)

79 th battle tournament: 17 – 22 January 2017: Diamondback (END)

80th battle tournament: 27 – 29 Janury 2017: Year of the Rooster (END)

81 th battle tournament: 3 – 7 February 2017: Napping Turtle (END)

82 th battle tournament 10 – 12 February 2017: Rumblebee (END)

83 th battle tournament 14 – 19 February 2017: Cuddle Monster (END)

83th battle tournament: 24- 26 February 2017: Hippiepotomus (END)

84th battle tournament: 17 – 23 March 2017: Aquamarine Pony (END)

85th battle tournament: 28 – 3 April 2017: Aries

Fantasy Forest Story 85th  Battle Tournament (Aries) Guide

For those who have advanced further than this table, visit THIS PAGE to see all animals weaknesses.

  1. Aries (Weak: Water)
  2. Slippopotamus (Weak: Plant)
  3. Winter (Weak: Lightning)
  4. Fladingo (Weak: Water)
  5. Cuddle Monster (Weak: Earth)
  6. Bee Mine (Weak: Earth)
  7. Aquamarine Pony (Weak: Lightning)
  8. Pygmy Giraffe (Weak: Plant)
  9. River Runner (Weak: Plant)
  10. Lava Leopard (Weak: Water)
  11. Iciclaw (Weak: Plant)
  12. Love Dove (Weak: Plant)
  13. Hibearnate (Weak: Fire)
  14. Jackalope (Weak: Fire, Water)
  15. Fallaby (Weak: Water, Fire)
  16. Peridot Phoenix (Weak: Fire)
  17. Twilight Troll (Weak: Fire)
  18. Zapra (Weak: earth)
  19. Owl Bear (Weak: Fire)
  20. Frostrich (Weak: Lightning)
  21. Lunar Goat (Weak: Earth)
  22. Aquarius (Weak: Earth/Dark)
  23. Valkyrie (Weak: Dark/Earth)
  24. Mardi Claw (Weak: Fire, Earth)
  25. Vanillamb (Weak: Plant)
  26. Hatchling (Weak: Lightning)
  27. Cheep (Weak: Fire)
  28. Pisces (Weak: Dark, Lightning)
  29. Ophiucus (Weak: Dark)
  30. Aries (weak: Water)

Thanks to Storm8 Forum(Eluzyion) for the info

Note: When fighting an animal with no weakness (usually an animal with single “special” element like melodeer, Matripony, etc), simply use your strongest animal that you posses (highest rarity and highest level), any animal can cause a critical hit to these special element animal, however it may take few more tries, simply be patient and don’t give up.

Upcoming battle tournament guide will be updated on this page so you may want to bookmark this page.

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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  1. Yep says:

    I don’t understand how the animals in the tournament can be more than level 16 or higher but I can’t get my super rare animal past 15. Seems bogus

  2. Carina says:

    I can’t seem to defeat the ruby razorback. I’ve used: (15) Frostfang, (14) Rapstallion, (10) Caturn, and (10) Iciclaw, but I still can’t defeat it! Someone please help me, I really want to the aquamarine pony! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. tnbrat72 says:

    Can anyone tell me what to use against the Celtic Cat in this tournament? Is not on the weakness chart!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Use lightning attack.

      • tnbrat72 says:

        I got it, thank you so much!! How do we go about getting the tournament for the nocturtle?? I don’t want to pay $15 for an animal, lol!! Have I missed that tournament?? I’d be so lost without your websites!! And your help!! Especially since we can’t communicate with anyone in the game! Which in some way is a blessing, lol, but in some a curse!! I’m having so much trouble out of my game, and I’m having even more trouble getting it reported!!!!! GRRRRRRRR 😡!!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    What do u do when u’ve used 6-8 different level 15 animals for one round & still haven’t beat it? This is the 2nd time I’ve gotten this far playing every hour and got stuck on one. I’m currently on round 22 and have used every combination of lightning & dark that I have. I even went against my own rule and used gems but to no avail. Any suggestions out there, other then just keep plugging. You get so far into it and it’s frustrating. Last time I was 2 rounds away when time ran out. This platform is so helpful cause at least you know ur not alone. Thanks for the help..

  5. Sjekie says:

    Round 4: Orangubang Lvl 5: weak against earth.

    Round 5: Opal Octopus Lvl 6: weak against dark.

    Round 6: Aurora Pegasus Lvl 7: weak against fire.

    Round 7: Heartvark Lvl 8: weak against water.

    Round 8: Xo Ox Lvl 10: weak against plant.

    Round 9: Garnet Pony Lvl 9: weak against water.

    Round 10: Obsidian Cyclops Lvl 11: weak against dark.

    Round 11: Pisces Lvl 10: weak against dark.

    Round 12: Dream Bat Lvl 11: weak against plant.

    Round 13: Kissy Cat Lvl 12: weak against water.

    Round 14: Deadwing Lvl 13: weak against water.

    Round 15: Mama Bear Lvl 13: weak against lightning.

    Round 16: Quartz Quetzalcoatl Lvl 16: weak against dark/fire.

    Round 17: Romanticore Lvl 14: weak against water/earth.

    Round 18: Tree Frog Lvl 15: weak against plant.

    Round 19: Snow Monster Lvl 15: weak against lightning/earth.

    Round 20: Skeletal Steed Lvl 15: weak against water.

    Round 21: Plutopus Lvl 16: weak against earth/lightning.

    Round 22: Pearl Peryton Lvl 18: weak against dark/lightning.

    Round 23: Love Bug Lvl 17: weak against water.

    Round 24: Froggy Bandit Lvl 19: weak against lightning.

    Round 25: Merit Badger Lvl 19: weak against lightning.

    Round 26: Lionhearth Lvl 20: weak against water.

    Round 27: Pokey Pilot Lvl 20: weak against plant.

    Round 28: Granite Golem Lvl 20: weak against dark.

    Round 29: Mouseguard Lvl 20: weak against lightning.

    Round 30: Cuddle Monster Lvl 20: weak against earth/lightning.

  6. tnbrat72 says:

    Does anyone know what napping turtle is weak to?
    I’ve won many of the tournaments without using diamonds to do it. You just have to be sure you fight every hour as noob said. Some of them are hard, and it takes a few tries sometimes, but I get them without using my gems.

  7. hope says:

    what do. you breed to. get the leopard seal

  8. Michelle says:

    Snow Leopard Seal also weak to lightening, level 15 Lightening Leopard

  9. April says:

    If anyone knows how to beat the Peridot Phoenix in level 17 please let me know. I realize Dark is the weakness and tried Level 15 Skyger and other Super Rare dark animals to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Marsh123 says:

    You know I’m beginning to think that these tournaments are based on how much you spend for diamonds . I haven’t won one of these for some time now . I have some high levelled dragons and they can’t even win battles. Not to mention I can’t even breed the dragons now that they have in their games and I always use too and not from diamonds either. Just saying

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No no, If you really dillifently enter the battle almost every hour (except when you sleep), I believe you will get it. That’s my experience, I always get the animal from battle tournament unless I forget to set my timer to ring every hour XD.

    • Michael says:

      I totally agree with you!

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