Posted on Nov 30, 2014

Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin

Thanks to Louis for the pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin Egg Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin Status

Gem Element Fantasy Forest StoryLightning Element Fantasy Forest Story

Citrine Peregrins, with their brilliant amber hue, shine like tiny suns in the sky. During the summer months when these birds molt their feathers, small stones rain down to the ground below like a million flecks of gold.


Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin Final Form

Breeding Time: 45 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14):  36 hours

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Habitat: Gem Grove, Electric Enclave

Buy Price: 2200 Gems

Sell Price: 100 Coins

Breeding Formula:
[0] Crystal Unicorn + Lightning Leopard
[0] leave your successful formula on the comment below

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16 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Citrine Peregrin”

  1. BNM11013 says:

    Finally got him and i just scared the crap out of both my dogs…lol.. i know lvl doesn’t matter but i got him with lvl 15 CU and lvl 15 Lightning leopard.. it felt like 60 trys.

  2. Rita Homenuik says:

    Got it with Valerie and Jagwire… both level 4

  3. Thrillville😎🐲🐯 says:

    Valkyrie and Craguar

  4. Majestee says:

    crystal unicorn and thorilla.

  5. Lily W. says:

    People have been saying that it takes a while to get animals that are part crystal. I was wondering, if they don’t get the designated animal, what else could they get? Another unicorn? That would be the day.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The same/different animals with the same element of the animal. Example: crystal unicorn + firefox has a chance to give you onyx ox, cosmic pheonix, etc. It’s like a mirror :).

  6. Twin says:

    I finally got it 45 hrs but I got it with crystal Unicorn & Panda omg tried like 25 times but worth it. Only take an hour breeding so keep it up you will get it.

  7. Legend says:

    I used Uni + Zapra. I was just throwing something together alternating my 50th attempt at Paradise Parrot. Lol. At least PP fails are short breed times. 🙂
    It’s my first Uni hybrid and I’m smiling.

  8. carmelapple says:

    I tried Reddogs formula and got finally about the 5th try, but that formula really does work so I would recommend others try it too. Thanks Reddog.

  9. Midori_61 says:

    What’s the level that you’re breeding at?!


  10. Reddog says:

    I got this 1st try with unicorn and the palmaraian try it

  11. Tamadison says:

    Got it with Crystal Unicorn and Confetti Yetti

  12. Samantia2010 says:

    What level was the crystal unicorn and lightening leopard at when u bred them?

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