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Fantasy Forest Story Daredevil Breeding

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Fantasy Forest Story Daredevil Status

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Daredevils are reknown for their reckless abandon. You can often find them in canopies of your forest making makeshift bungee cords out of vines.













170 202 231 326 372 390 411 425 475 544

Food (x5)

2 8 16 40 80 160 240 400 560 760

Total Food

0 10 50 130 330 730 1530 2730 4730 7530

Breeding time:  16 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 14 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Lightning and Fire

Buy Price: 800 Gems

Sell Price: 100 Coins

Breeding Formula:
[0] Skyger + Fire Glider (1st try)
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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67 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Daredevil Breeding”

  1. UniChuck says:

    Thunder hawk and fire glider 1st try, good luck 🍀🍀

  2. shiro says:

    Why are all rare animals are hard to get,since they are rare they should be obtained easily.

  3. Libby P Hufflepuff says:

    I’ve been trying for-e-ver to get a daredevil. I need it to complete the “current events” task. Ugh!

  4. FantasyForest says:

    I got mine with a lvl 15 pyro pony and a lvl 11 lightning leopard 1st try but I was actually trying to get the gold lion. Btw does anyone know how to get the gold lion on 1st try???

  5. hope says:

    Got it with level 10 fire glider and level 11 lighting leopard

    • FantasyForestBreeder says:

      I got it with a level 11 lightning leopard and a level 15 pyro pony 1st try but I was actually trying to get the gold lion.

  6. hope says:

    I’ve tried everything for.this thing help

  7. Andreadoghorse says:

    I got it with a fire giler and a rampage

  8. Me says:

    First try Art Noveau Horse + Gold Lion

  9. Purpleyz says:

    I can’t seem to get this beauty. I’ve tried every combination. Funny thing is I got crystal unicorn 3xs lol

  10. RainbowUnicornASKP says:

    I evolved mine to level 15 and I was shocked by how it looked! I thought it was a Fennec Shock by looking at the egg, but it was a cute daredevil! Of course, I still don’t have a Fennec Shock, but my daredevil is really powerful in battle.

  11. Chelsi says:

    I got daredevil using Emberbear and shock fox! Took 16 hours but I now have one 🙂

  12. ThePjays says:

    Evolution Time has changed to 14 hours for level 3…

    😂😂😂 I put her in the evolution flower thinking I would speed her up for only 4 gems. You should have saw my eyes!!! It was like sticker shock at the car dealership. She will be in there at least 10 hours for sure. I am stingy with my gems and cash. 😂😂😂


  13. ThePjays says:

    I’ve been trying for this girl for about three months now!!! However, I only acquired Hareon about 3 or 4 days ago.

    She reminds me of me! 😜😂😂😜😜😂😂
    Breeding formula: PyroPony *15* and Hareon *6*

    FYI: I’ve read in the forums it’s appears to be a little easier during the “Events” to obtain special animals.

    Example: The Stand United Storybook required to “HATCH” a Fireglider (lightning & fire) and it also required to “HATCH” a Firefox (dark & fire). These are the times you’re more likely to get those special animals with those particular powers.

    2nd Example: The Magma Mania leaderboard, the event requires breeding, feeding, and evolving all animals. So, since this is a game of chance, the chances of obtaining special animals are higher. The higher the rarity of the animal, the higher the points achieved. ….. September 3, I obtained my the Crystal Unicorn during the leaderboards

    Special THANKS again to, NOOBBGODLIKE

  14. Sjekie says:

    Twilight troll and Liger 1st try

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