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Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk

Limited Animal (30 June – 5 July 2015)

Thanks to Kim for the egg picture

Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk Egg Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk Status

Water Element Fantasy Forest StoryEarth Element Fantasy Forest Story

While most of the forest creatures head for shelter when it rains, the Dripmunk always heads out into the storm. Diving from low hanging branches into puddles and ponds, the Dripmunk doesn’t let anything rain on its parade!













116 185 243 348 452 556 661 742 800 835

Food (x5)

4 16 32 80 200 400 600 800 1200 1600

Total Food

0 20 100 260 660 2660 5660 9660 15660 23660

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk Final Form








858 881 904 916 928

Food (x5)

2400 3200 4000 4800 Max

Total Food

8000 20000 40000 64000 88000

Breeding Time: 12 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 15 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Water Way and Earth Plateau

Buy Price: 500 gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Frostfang + Rock Rhino
[0] Blizard + Crystal Unicorn
[0] Glacial Griffin + Blizard
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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22 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Dripmunk”

  1. Jaz says:

    Just wanted to let you know I just got this animal even though it is limited from over a year ago. I don’t remember what I used to breed it but it is still available…

  2. Shinycosmic says:

    Tried breeding frost fang and iciclaw and got glacial griffin then bred iciclaw with glacial griffin and got it first try

  3. KojoStillahn says:

    I got it with a chamelneon and glacial griffin. Was very surprised as I was trying for a regular dark animal to finally finish the dark creatures challenge.

  4. Kddc says:

    finally!!! I actually got a limited animal. It took 3 tries…. Yes, both others were the 5 hour Raingune which I’m desperately starting to dislike (along with many, many others?). I also got NightMare the very first try, and the HotDog I got within 3 tries. So this has been the most excellent breeding week with this game I’ve ever had and I hope I pass everyone on this cite some awesome breeding fairy dust that will help you. I was ready to delete this game because of my terribly bad karma with it! Cheers and best wishes to everone!!!! And a big thank you for a wonderfully helpful cite! 😉

  5. Pantress says:

    I think I have 12 hrs frost fang and rino lvl 15 3rd try

  6. Isabel says:

    First try with frostfang + rock rhino 🙂 🙂

  7. jentlezat says:

    I finally got mine with Glacial Griffin + Blizard !
    After about 8-10 tries.

  8. Chaarmi says:

    I got this with Rock Rhino lvl15 and Frost Fang lvl15

  9. Sunny cupcake says:

    More like the smell of fresh rainguins! I’m sure I will have a platoon of them in no time!

  10. Chloe29 says:

    Level 10 Pygmy Giraffe with a Level 15 Frostfang. First try, although I did get a rainguin with a different previous breeding.

  11. Steph says:

    Think I’ve got it!! Rockodile and frost fang in that order! Level 12 for both

  12. Tammy says:

    Soo excited!!
    I was able to get this cutie in just 2 tries!
    I bred my level 10 Frost Fang and level 10
    Rock Rhino (in that order)

    Good Luck everyone!

  13. Sphinx says:

    Got it first try with lvl 10 glacial griffin and lvl 15 rock rhino

  14. Beatrice Prior says:

    Do you think rockadile and glacier griffin will work

  15. DeaAlba says:

    First try with Glacial Griffin and Crystal Unicorn 🙂

  16. tiddaohman says:

    Yeey, got it with Rockodile and Slippopotamus!

  17. Sherwood says:

    Got mine with Blizzard lvl 9 and Rainguin lvl 15!!

  18. Jessieka Lara says:

    I got him on the first try with level 7 glacial griffin and level 4 blizzard in that order. I’m so excited, I never get these limited animals!!!

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