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Fantasy Forest Story Event The Secret of Swan Lake Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Event The Secret of Swan Lake Guide

Fantasy Forest Story The secret of swan lake event

The event start from 18 August 2015 until 25 August 2015 (7 days)

Chapter 1 of 7

Once upon a time there was a duckling that wasn’t accepted by her other duckling friends. She wasn’t as colorful as the other ducklings and couldn’t seem to fit in. All the other ducklings had Conducktor mommies and daddies, but this little one was raised by her Rainguin parents.

Act 1: Plant 6 Aura Apples (30 seconds food)
Act 2: Harvest them.
Act 3: Visit 2 Neighbors

Reward: Swan Princess

Chapter 2 of 7

It felt like the duckling didn’t belong, so she decided to run away from home. She journeyed for days and days, traveling to villages unknown and forests unexplored. No matter where she searched she never truly could relate to anyone.

Act 1: Feed your swan princess (10 times)
Act 2: Visit 3 Neighbors
Act 3: Harvest Spell Melons (5 hours food). You can start planting them while waiting Swan Princess hatch.

Reward: 9000 Food

Chapter 3 of 7

Months passed and the duckling felt as though she’d never find anyone to bond with. She was just about to give up the search when someone from her past caught up with her. Her Rainguin Stepbrother, who was worried sick from the moment she left, had finally found her! He explained to her that after she left, he found a strange, decorative egg in their garden…

Act 1: Harvest Mana Bananas (1 hour food) 8 times
Act 2: Evolve Swan Princess to Lvl 4
Act 3: Hatch Fairy Ferret

Reward: 15 realm runes/Decorations eggs

Chapter 4 of 7

The egg seemed oddly familiar to the duckling even though she didn’t remember it at all. As soon as she touched the egg, a whirl of magic encircled the duckling. A Fairy Ferret appeared! “Hello my sweet gosling. I am your Fairy Ferret-Mother. You are not a duckling, but the long last Swan Princess from a far away Kingdom! It is your destiny to return with me.”

Act 1: Collect 30 eggs. 1 egg = 1 hour. Use 5 hours food (I assume you have 6 farms), so you can immediteally finish the quest once it’s available for you.
Act 2: Breed Rainguin
Act 3: Level up Swan Princess to lvl 7.

Reward15 realm runes/Decorations eggs

Chapter 5 of 7

The Fairy Ferret Mother announces, “it’s time to return home! Are you ready?” The Gentle Swan Princess nods her head as the Ferret-Mother begins to flap her wings. A faint glowing orb appears before her and quickly fades away. “My magic is depleted from my long journey to find you… I must enlist the help of a Skyger to help open portal home!”

Act 1: Level up Swan Princess to lvl 10
Act 2: Feed Rainguin 20 times
Act 3: Breed a Skyger (Don’t put the egg from breeding process until you see the quest)
Act 4: Collect 12 realm runes

Reward: ??

Chapter 6 of 7

Act 1: spend 200,000 coin
Act 2: level Swan Princess to level 13
Act 3: Gather 55 mysterious eggs (from harvesting the food; like chapter 4 act 1)
Act 4: Feed Rainguin 45 times

Reward: ??

Chapter 7 of 7

The Swan Princess and her Fairy Ferret Mother step out of the portal and discover a magical lake with water as pure as the night sky.A glowing tiara floats in the center of the lake. Her Fairy Ferret Mother places the tiara on her head and she fully transforms into a beautiful Swan Princess! From across the lake a Swan Prince approaches. And as their eyes meet they realize it is love at first sight. They dance and dance for nights, falling in love and they all lived happily ever after.

Act 1: Collect 5 tiaras from hatching (skip For 30 gems)
Act 2:  Harvest 8 Spell Mellons (skip for 30 gems)
Act 3: Collect 30 realm runes (skip for 45 gems); This quest is kinda …. even if you have 15 bombs, you need to get at least 2 realm runes every time you mine.
Act 4: Evolve Swan Princess to level 15 (skip for 287 gems)

Reward: Swan Prince

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110 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Event The Secret of Swan Lake Guide”

  1. Meg says:

    I have both the lost crow lvl 15 and peter panda lvl 10, I have been breeding non stop. With only 2 days left for the swan princess Challenge, I’m getting a little upset that I haven’t gotten it yet. And with being only 1 chapter away from finishing this storybook when it ended. I just want something good to come out of it… any help is appreciated.

  2. Kahleesi Sheryl says:

    I was very disappointed in this event. I’ve been bringing up different unique animals to Level 15 for tournaments, so I didn’t have a stockpile of food when this started and ended up having to buy it to finish. I am stockpiling it now for the future, but it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. And while I managed to get the Swan Prince (reluctantly because I had to buy gems), I’ve yet to see anyone else with it when I visit my neighbors. Even a 1 day extension would have allowed for folks to accumulate food and maybe even the Realm Runes (which I’m now stockpiling as well).

  3. BearsMummy says:

    I finished this quest, but I’m not happy about it. It depleted my food to do so. I only skipped the realm ruins – but 45 gems hurt. It hurt a lot. 🙁 i don’t have stable gem partners and not a single gem animal. I only finished this quest because I haven’t been able to get a single ultra rare creature the whole time I’ve been playing. I’ve tried for the crystal unicorn at least a hundred times and many many times for gem animals. I hope with this swan I’ll be able to breed a unicorn finally? I hope?

    I used to play Bakery Story, after TeamLava was sold to whomever and it became Storm8 it started changing. They offered less things for in game currency and more was left to the premium currency. The final straw was when monthly quests could only be completed with the premium currency. I’m not against paying for gems, but it sucks to be forced to spend gems to complete a quest – which is what happened here with the realm ruins. I really fear that Storm8 is taking our little game the same way as they took Bakery Story and that would make me very sad.

  4. Wolfgang says:

    I got as far as chapter 7, 3 of 4 and that was where I had to quit. I already have 15 realm ruins but cannot use them…there is no way I can get 30 realm ruins in the time left and do not have enough gold to skip…I don’t think this was a fair challenge…the realm ruin collecting should have been started in an earlier chapter to make it possible to collect enough to complete the challenges…I realize that FFS does this so you will spend gold but doesn’t make it easy for those of us without the means to afford it…up to this point it was a very interesting challenge…it is just disappointing that I got so far and can’t complete it 🙁

    • Rainstorm says:

      This challenge is totally bogus ? What is the point of creating all the acts if you have to skip half of them to complete it in time. Really frustrated and don’t want to play FF anymore.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hmm, the only quest that need to be skipped is 30 realm runes, although the last quest feed swan princess to lvl 15 is kinda impossible for people who doesn’t save food.

        • Bob says:

          How can you get rid of realm ruins besides expansion?????? I’m losing money because of this
          Also takes so long to expand…
          Please add me : precooking, I need gems badly and I will always gift them back

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I have no idea what are you talking about… for gems I already have 3 friends.

    • Jenna says:

      This challenge was rotten. I finished by using gems. A lot of gems. Now i have none. There is no way anyone could finish this quest without gemming. I started early and still didnt have time. I will never ever spend money on this game again. It was a set-up from the start. If i wasnt so OCD i could have maybe let it go…

    • miky says:

      I didn’t get it either.I’m dissapointed too and I don’t think it’s fair what they have done.

  5. mr_woodkid says:

    Anyone made it to the end? I just dont have enough food/gems. This challange sucks. It’s impossible to make it.

  6. Danae says:

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I must be cursed it’s happened w/the last 2-3 challenges I’m literally 2 tasks away from completing the challenge and I can’t finish it bc of some ridiculous task, I’m soooooooooo frustrated and ready to get rid of this game bc i keep losing the challenges but I like it to much? I just want to finish one just one is that 2 much 2 ask ?

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