Posted on Jul 25, 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox

Thanks to Artemia and Marlies for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox Egg Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox Status

Lightning Element Fantasy Forest StoryFire Element Fantasy Forest Story

The Fennec Shox won’t be caught by a box and never adheres to the time on clocks. This speedy demon is neither here nor there, the Fennec Shox is everywhere! Hot as fire, quick as lightning, the Fennec Shox is really striking!













226 361 474 678 881 1084 1288 1446 1559 1627

Food (x5)

5 25 40 100 300 600 1000 1500 2100 2800

Total Food

0 25 150 350 850 3850 8850 16350 26850 40850

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox Final Form








1672 1717 1762 1785 1808

Food (x5)

3600 4400 5200 6000 MAX

Total Food

8000 26000 48000 74000 104000

Breeding Time: 14 hours

Hatching Time: 11 hours (it’s different from breeding time).

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 17 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Electric Enclave and Fire Field

Buy Price: 1000 gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Fire Glider + Pyro pony
[0] Hareon + Crystal Unicorn
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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31 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Fennec Shox”

  1. Tracey says:

    I used a Fairy Ferret & Conduktor. Got it by accident I was trying for a Solar Simian which I still can’t get!

  2. canon says:

    I did a level 15 pyro pony and a level 15 lightning leapard

  3. FoxWolfFlame says:

    I could not get this to save my life! I have a level 15 Pyro Pony and a level 10 Lightning Leopard. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?! All I get is Fire Gliders! Please help!

    • Scareymelb says:

      I kept getting fire gliders too, but when I used level 15 Lightening Leopard and level 15 Pyro Pony I got it first attempt. I don’t know if the creature level increases your chances? Now I will try for crystal unicorn again. I cannot get that 🙁

    • Jennifer says:

      I did the golden lion and cockatorch. Good luck.

  4. Angie says:

    (10)Petite Panda/(10) Fluffy

  5. Lerika says:

    ⚡Lightning Leopard 9 + ?Firefox 11

  6. Alicorn Scientist says:

    Got it with Pyro pony level 10 and Lightning Lepord level 7.
    Was trying for fire glider.

    • FoxWolfFlame says:

      I got a Fire Glider with about the same level animals as you? when trying for this! Aw, man, I wish we could switch! 😆

  7. Cris says:

    I got it with pyro pony and Lightning leopard

  8. Penguin lover says:

    I got it with level10 pyro pony and level 10 lightning leopard

  9. I did another breeding formula it was just level 10 lightning leopard and level 10 pyro pony it sometimes works but I got it eventually if that doesn’t work try level 15 pyro pony

  10. Lorraine says:

    Crystal unicorn lvl 15 hareon lvl 9 first try so happy x thanks for all your helpful comments and for this amazing website I’d be lost without it x

  11. Jennifer says:

    At level 7 my Fennec Shox is only earning 546 coins, so I don’t believe the “earn” values are correct in the chart. The “food” values appear to be correct.

  12. Marie1539 says:

    I did pyro pony and lightning leopard 1st try

  13. Jaymee says:

    I bred it on the first try with a pyro pony + lightning leapord.

  14. SagreeLess says:

    Fire and Lightening. First try. Lucky me ?

  15. Heather and Shya says:

    Got this with dare devil and fire glider

  16. Jenn says:

    Got this little cute guy with Pyro pony and Lightning Leopard first time ! Try for him and finally got it . BT is 14 hours but hatching time is 10 hours . I’m quite sure that it’s him because the design of the egg is matches to his.! Goodluck every one! ?

  17. Ondine says:

    I get it with lightning and with pyro pony. First try. Now I have two. 🙂 very easy. 🙂

  18. Ree says:

    Crystal unicorn lv 15 n heron lv 15 1st try in that order

  19. Jessieka says:

    Harmon and Fire Glider

  20. el says:

    i got it with Gold Lion and Crystal Unicorn first try!

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