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Fantasy Forest Story Firework Forest Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Firework Forest Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Firework Forest Guide

On this event you need to gather Fireworks. You can get Fireworks from

  • Hatching the animal from the nest (the amount of the Fireworks depends on the hatching time, 1 hour = 1 Fireworks, the rarity of the animal doesn’t matter). You can simply sell the animal to get the Fireworks (no need to place it on the habitat first).
  • Harvesting food at your farms
  • Digging in the mine
  • Battle Tournament, just wait until they announce new battle tournament, Please read THIS to prepare for upcoming tournament.
  • Buy a Star Flag (4 Fireworks/4 hours) or Star Monument (16 Fireworks/4 hours).  You get one free Star Flag at the beginning (after gathering 25 Fireworks).

Fireworks from Farm

The amount of Fireworks obtained are based on how many hours of the food’s time.

Example: 8 hours food will generate 8 Fireworks, 5 hours food will generates 5 Fireworks, and so on… BUT any food that less than 1 hour MIGHT NOT generate Fireworks (there is a chance to get 1 Fireworks).

Quality DOESN’T AFFECT THE OUTCOME. 5 hours of super food (the expensive one from Grand Farm) also generates 5 Fireworks.

If you miss a day farming the food, you will have a hard time to catch up. I suggest you to use 20 hours food, but make sure you calculate the time so it doesn’t end at the midnight when you sleep :). So plan your farming!!

Example: You go work/school/etc at 9 AM. Don’t use 20 hours food because, they will be ready at 5 AM on the next day (maybe you still asleep). Use 5 hours food first and then at 2 PM, plant 20 hours food which will be ready at 8 AM ( I believe you’re already wake up, do you? 🙂 )

Don’t forget that there are Star Flag  and other sources too, which will help you obtain those Fireworks. However, remember that the farm is the biggest source of the Fireworks !!

REMEMBER, that you need to harvest Fireworks from the Star Flag  every 4 hours, the Fireworks won’t stack!!!

Fireworks from Mining

Fantasy Forest Story Lover's heart from mine

You may get 2 Fireworks instead of coin/food (as a compliment reward for the rune). The chance is not 100%, but quite high, so make sure you do it !!!

Collecting Progress

Individual Prizes

25 Star Flag
200 Fireworks Fields
550 Fearless Friends
1325 Star Fish
2400 Libertree

Community Prize

You need to gather a sufficient amount of Fireworks (Individual) and then if the total of Fireworks (Global) reach the listed number then you will get the rewards. So, we can only hope that other players are collecting their Fireworks every day.

You can help increase the global numbers by telling your friends/family and make them play this  game. Make sure tell everyone you know to read this page so they know how to obtain the Fireworks.

Individual Global Reward
900 80 million Star Tiles
900 ?? ??
900 ?? ??

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

If you have any suggestion/tips/info about the event or simply want to discuss, then please leave a comment.

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20 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Firework Forest Guide”

  1. Sky says:

    The breeding time for the star fish is 20 hours, elements are water and fire, so habitats are waterway and fire field, will update as more information comes

    • Sky says:

      To get the star fish to level 2, you will need to feed it 20 pieces of food (so 4 at a time)
      For it to get to level 3, you will need to feed it 80 pieces of food (so 16 at a time)
      And for it to be ready to evolve to level 4, it requires 160 pieces of food (so 32 at a time)

      • Sky says:

        If you’re needing info for the new story book, you first need to plant four mana bananas, then for act 2 of chapter 1, you need to harvest those bananas. Chapter 2, act 1, you need to plant 6 adventurnips. Chapter 2, Act 2, asks that you find 40 birthday invites. As of right now, all I know for that is that you get 3 invites when you harvest an adventurnip

  2. Ndemi says:

    Hi Noob! Can you please put up a page for the star fish (i’m only need 100 more fireworks then I can get it😆)… Or if anyone knows what habitat and breeding time please reply✨

  3. Alexis says:

    How do you supposed to get the last community prize?

  4. Animal Love says:

    I’m on fearless friend I hope I get the last prize cause I never got an animal yet i always want an animal from an event but I’m always busy…..

  5. Amanda says:

    3. Fearless Friends – requires 550 fireworks
    4. Star Fish(water/fire) – requires 1325 fireworks
    5. Libertree – requires 2400 fireworks

    1. Star Tiles – 80,000,000

  6. Dawn/dd2b44ever says:

    You said “Don’t forget that there are Flower Bush and other sources too, which will help you obtain those Fireworks”. My question about that is, What Flower Bush? I’m sorry but I don’t remember a Flower Bush? Is that an iPhone version or something that I’m not yet taking advantage of that I, clearly, should be? Also, just to clarify it in my mind, are you saying that it’s better to plant the 20 hour crops because they’re guaranteed to get the 20 fireworks or that we can/should do the 3 minute (or 30 second) crops but the chances of fireworks would be slimmer? The only reason I’m asking for clarification on that part is because I have had my 1 hour AND my 5 hour crops fail to yield any fireworks. Granted it doesn’t happen as often as my 3 minute crops but I was wondering, if you know if there’s supposed to be a chance of not yielding fireworks even on the longer planting times? If not, perhaps my phone is not working properly but I know that it’s not due to me collecting the farms too quickly because I have made that mistake in the past so I now replant before moving to collect the next farm. The second part of that is, since I have the time some days, IS it better to go ahead and plant the 3 minute crops? I ask only about those because the 30 second ones have a MUCH slimmer chance of yielding fireworks but, at least with the 3 minute crops, I can sometimes collect more than 1 firework per hour while growing my food supply faster than I would by doing it the other way. In other words, I am asking for your “expert advice” because you have a great deal more understanding of this game than I do even on a one of my better days (& right now I am WAY too sick {ear and severe sinus infection} to figure it out myself) so I would really appreciate your advice!?! Please and thank you in advance!!! As always, Thanks for your time and effort on this website!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am sorry about flower bush thing (typo), what I meant is star flag. For the food, use “hour” food as they have 100% chance to give you fireworks. I never try using food below 1 hour, I simply write them because others tell me that they get 1 item from the food, but not 100%. It’s pretty useless though :). Stay using “hour” food. You can use any “hour” food, simply make sure you plant a new one as soon as it’s ready to harvest (don’t have delay!!!!)

  7. Alexis Shiflett says:

    I hope I can get at least one animal in this event

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