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Posted on Aug 8, 2014

Fantasy Forest Story Food Tips and Farm Upgrade

Farm Upgrade Cost

Big farm upgrade costs you 30000 Coins and 1 hour build time

Food usage tips

Don’t  focus feed one of your animal, the increases in coins generated are not worth the cost. Feed all of your animals to level 5-7 first, because on those level ranges they only require a minimum amount of food.  After you have feed them all to level 7, then progress to level 10, at this time I believe you have upgraded your farm to the big farm, which provide you an access into better food.

Feed the rarer animal first!! It seems they take too much food but their income increased per level is more efficient than normal rarity animal.


I said don’t focus feed, but when you already have many lvl 10 animals (to generate constant coins), stop there. Focus feed the super rare creature that you have to lvl 15, so you have a better chance to win the battle tournament.

Fantasy Forest Story Food List

Farm Food Name Time Coins Food Coins/Food
Small Aura ApplesFanyasy Forest Food Tips Aura Apples 30 secs 30 6 0.2
Small Power PearsFantasy Forest Story Food Tips Power Pears 3 mins 120 20 0.166666667
Small Mana BananasFantasy Forest Story Food Tips Mana Bananas 1 hour 650 50 0.076923077
?? Adventurnips
Fantasy Forest Story Adventurnips
3 hour 5000 150 0.03
?? Powerup Peaches
Fantasy Forest Story Powerup Peaches
4 hour 6000 180 0.03
Big Spell MelonsFantasy Forest Story Food Tips Spell Melons 5 hours 3200 225 0.0703125
Big Mystic MangosFantasy Forest Story Food Tips Mystic Mangos 8 hours 4000 325 0.08125
Big Rune PrunesFantasy Forest Story Food Tips Rune Prunes 20 hours 13000 700 0.053846154
Grand Charm CherriesFantasy Forest Story Charm Cherries 1 hour 26000 300 0.01153
Grand Nexus NutsFanyasy Forest Nexus Nuts 5 hour 75000 800 0.01066

From the chart, it’s clear that the most effective food is Aura Apples; however, you need to farm it every 30 seconds, which is really tiring…. When you only have the small farm, I suggest you to farm Power Pears because it’s the most effective in terms of coins usage and time. You only need to farm 2,5 power pears to be able to get the same amount of food as Mana Bananas. 3 minutes may seems so tiring but your routine of playing game should be like

Open the game => Grow Power pears => enter battleground to spend your stamina, breed, or anything

Those steps should take about 3 minutes to complete.

I still recommend you to use power pears, when you have upgraded the farm to the big version, but if you are lazy then only use Mystic Mangos (8 hours), because it’s most efficient food from the big farm. Make sure you plant Mystic Mangos every time before you go sleep.


As you can see that the grand farm doesn’t add any longer time frame. It only means to get foods ASAP (by using a lot of money). The biggest flaw for this farm is the size, you need 4×4 space .. (before it’s a 3×3 space). Unless you have a lot of unspent coins (and empty lands), I suggest you to halt the constructions on this farm.


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24 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Food Tips and Farm Upgrade”

  1. FoxWolfFlame says:

    Hey, I have a good food time thing. For people with only Big Farms like me, if you do a 20 hour food at 8:00 p.m., then it will be ready at 4:00 p.m.. Good for people at school or work all day and not on their phone/device constantly. I use this all the time, and it really works for me.

  2. Mike M says:

    Not sure if it’s changed but on my farms-‘Adventurnips’2hours,100 food, 4,500coins.. ‘Mini Pumpkins’3hours,140 food, 5,000coins (have pics if u need)..

    P.s. I have each food types experience gain,if u need them.

  3. Mike M. says:

    Dunno if this will help any1,but I have 5 big farms & 1 super big-Im a very active player so I do pears on my 5 farms (=100 food in 3min.) & the cherries on my super big farm (=300 food in 1 hour). BUT also,when harvesting any food u gain experience & when I harvest my cherries,I get A LOT..I honestly feel that is a major contributing factor on why I level up so fast.. so,just a thought,maybe others may wanna try or do the same.. if so,it might help 2 add the experience points for each food type.. I’ll list them all if ud like noob.

  4. Kristin717 says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else open their game up one day and their max was 45? I’ve noticed that some peoples max is 40 and some 45, anyone know why?

  5. Robotron2084 says:

    There is new food in the 3 and 4 hour range.

  6. John Hart says:

    Very good advice. I am a numbers guy and made my own spreadsheet and was amazed how poor the Grand Farm was for an option. Unless you are Warren Buffet and have more coins than necessary it is a waste of very valuable space. I usually use Mystic Mangos which are have as productive as Power Pears but I just don’t want to wait by my ipad every three minutes to harvest.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, the space for grand farm is really big…

    • Sophie says:

      This is so true, though once you’ve reached level 40 and want to max out your critters for battles etc and not focus so much on saving for your treent, it’s SO worth splashing all that cash and space on bigger farms!!

  7. Bonitra says:

    If the food/coins number is meant to reflect the cost per food, the math calculations were done incorrectly/backwards.

    For example, the cost of Aura Apples is actually 5 coins each.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, sorry for really late reply, I mean to compare coins per food value 🙂

      • K says:

        Awesome table! Could you please update that last column to “Coins/Food” plz? Kinda confusing right now — is it 0.2 of an apple for 1 coin? Maybe 5 coins per Apple would be easier (?). Thanks! Your guides rock! 😊

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hi, Actually I don’t want you to read the chart. I simply want to show you which food is the most effective, after that simply follow my recommendation :), I will leave it as it’s :). I hope you don’t mind. Thanks for using my guide while playing the game.

  8. byakochka says:

    I’ve just upgraded big farm. Admin, I can send you a photo of a new fruits

  9. Meowuchu says:

    How much food do you have at the moment?

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