Posted on Dec 18, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Gingerbread Owl

Thanks to Lynzz for these pictures

FFS Gingerbread Owl Egg FFS Gingerbread Owl Growth incom 2

Fantasy Forest Story Gingerbread Owl Status


Final Form


Hatching Time: 20 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 19 hours

Rarity: Super rare

Habitat: Earth Preserve and Nature Preserve

Sell Price: 100

Can’t be bred, it can only be obtained via Leaderboard event, visit THIS PAGE for more info.

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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3 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Gingerbread Owl”

  1. DirkDragon says:

    Evolution time is 19 hrs

  2. DirkDragon says:

    Habitat is Earth and Nature, not Fire

  3. DirkDragon says:

    Hatching time is 20 hrs.

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