Posted on Dec 18, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Golden Unicorn

Thanks to Tara for these pictures and info

FFS Golden Unicorn

Fantasy Forest Story Golden Unicorn Status

This animal is special animal that only can be be obtained via purchase. There is a time limit for this animal (30 days). It generates 27 gems/day and you also get 250 gems on the beginning. The animal will DISAPPEAR after 30 days, so make your mind before you buy it.

Hatching Time: 0

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 0

Rarity: ??

FFS Isle of Fortune

Habitat: Isle of Fortune

Sell Price: 100

Can’t be bred. It’s also can only be bought from the notification, so it’s not available on shop or anywhere else.

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37 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Golden Unicorn”

  1. Sidney says:

    Can you put different animals in this habitat?

  2. Michelle Peck Williams says:

    I’ve been renewing but today it just crashed and vanished. What the heck? I want it back!

  3. Felicita Gonzalez says:

    I haven’t had an opportunity to buy the golden unicorn. I’m barely figuring out that there was a golden unicorn by one of my friends, and when I click the island it did not show anything any information about it. So I’m wondering what is happening to do my fantasy Forest Story.

  4. Matthew weisbrod says:

    Isle of fortune not working. I haven’t received diamonds for 3 days. I click on the island and the diamonds don’t refresh.

  5. Brandy says:

    I still haven’t got anything about this

  6. Jandencon says:

    Golden unicorn was purchased and I received my initial 250 gems. Now the island with the unicorn has disappeared. How do i get my gems each day?

  7. Kitty hollow says:

    This just isn’t fair… I haven’t gotten the notification at all and neither has my mom or my sister and when I tap on it the habitat the the info thing dosnt show up like it does on all the other habitats

  8. Anonymous says:

    When will this event start?

  9. Italian Nora says:

    I bought it 2 days ago, when you complete the purchase it simply appears on the fortune island. I imagined that it disappears after the 30 days, to leave space to a new fortune animal. Its price is too low and it gives a lot of gems so it was really difficult that it could stay. Who wrote “you buy the gems not the animal” was absolutely right. It’s only cuter than simply buying gems 😜

  10. sivaram1652002 says:

    I can’t find it in shop.why?

  11. Animal Love says:

    Do u think u can post a picture of the Isle of Forture? I mean where can u click to see the habitat 👈🏻This makes no sense

  12. Marcia says:

    This is only available to apple devices.

  13. Ruby says:

    For those asking, this is basically a fancy gem sale. You spend $19.99 (which is ordinarily 560 gems) & you get to keep the unicorn for 30 days to earn a total of 1060 gems (if you remember to collect them every day because they don’t rollover to the next day).

    Like other gem sales, people get them at different times. When your time comes, a sale sign will appear on your Isle of Fortune. Click on it and you get the screen from the above screenshot. The option to buy it then also appears if you click the + sign by your gem count. I didn’t buy it, but someone who did said the unicorn then automatically appears on the Isle.

    Supposedly,when the 30 days are up, the unicorn disappears, but then you’ll keep getting more chances to buy it again, in order to buy more gems. If you are someone who spends real money on the game, it’s actually a really good sale. So, you’re not actually paying for the unicorn, you’re buying the gems.

    Hope that helps!

  14. XeresUS says:

    I don’t have the Golden Unicorn option either. Also, am I understanding correctly, that Isle of Fortune is for Golden Unicorn? There are no explanations on my game.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The animal will ‘disappear’ after 30 days. Does that mean once it’s bought it only stays in a habitat for 30 days then it’s gone? If I decide to buy it I would hope I get to keep it like the other animals. Otherwise it seems like a waste of money.

  16. Sjekie says:

    I read on the storm8 forum some where you can only get one if you play with real money. Can someone confirm this? Because I don’t have it. And I just updated my game to.

  17. ZoeyJackalope says:

    May I ask where to find it????? Although I don’t use real money, I just want to know about it more…

  18. Animal Love says:

    where can u buy the golden unicorn? I’ve checked in the shop and the gems sales and I can’t find the habitat

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