Posted on Mar 14, 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebow

Thanks to Carla and Esther for these pictures

Limited Animal (St Patrick Day)

Available until 3 July 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebrow Egg Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebrow Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebow Status

Lightning Element Fantasy Forest StoryWater Element Fantasy Forest Story

These colorful canines can cause quite the commotion! Every hue imaginable shines radiantly on Great Danebows’ coats, turning heads and dropping jaws wherever they walk. Some keepers say they feel happier just being around these magnificent creatures.













226 361 474 678 881 1084 1288 1446 1559 1627

Food (x5)

4 16 32 80 200 400 600 800 1200 1600

Total Food

0 20 100 260 660 2660 5660 9660 15660 23660

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebrow Final Form








1672 1717 1762 1785 1808

Food (x5)

2400 3200 4000 4800 MAX

Total Food

8000 20000 36000 56000 80000

Breeding Time: 21 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 23 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Lightning and Water

Buy Price: 500 gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Hippogryph + Falconch
[0] Frostfang + Lightning Leopard
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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72 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Great Danebow”

  1. Hope says:

    Finally got 21 hours with a level 11 lightning leopard and level 10 falconch … I got nothing but conductors since it started. Was beginning to think it wasn’t gonna happen.

  2. Amy says:

    I think I finally got one!! I got a 21 hour hour using confetti level 9 and hippogryth level 9!!

  3. jls says:

    Affter literally nothing but Conducktors for any combination I used, I went back to basic combo of Lightening Leopard & Frostfang and got got Great Danebow! Also managed a Hippogryph which I was trying to get for ages, so bonus!

  4. Brandy Morse says:

    If I get one more conducktor I am going to cry!!! I’m running out of time and have spent WAY toooooo many gems trying to speed up the breeding process but I keep getting 13 hour breed times, which I know is the darn conducktor

  5. Kat says:

    I’ve been trying for the Great Danebow nonstop since it came out & have nothing to show for it but a flock of conducktors. I’m getting a little tired of the breeding in this game. There should be a better chance of getting something other than the common option out of the breeding pair. I tried nonstop to breed one of the Valentines animals & didn’t get either the Smitten Kitten or the Love Dove so no chance at a Matripony. That’s utterly ridiculous!! All I got was a herd of Armordillos and the (very) odd Volcamel. No Rampages & not a single Magmacore. My schedule is such that I don’t have the critters sitting for hours waiting to be picked up, so I do mean nonstop breeding. I refuse to pay real money for them either. (Emerald Dragon on sale for over $60 after tax & that’s 1/2 price?!?!?! I do mReally??!). For me the inability to breed limited creatures is starting to take the fun out of the game. I missed out on the Menorum too, as well as the Palmeranium, Cold Turkey, & Present Pheasant. I also haven’t been able to breed the super rare animals. I’m feeling like Storm8 is trying to make me pay if I want all of the critters and that doesn’t sit well. Is anyone else having the same problems with breeding, or am I the only loser?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am same too :), still no danebow.

      • ItalianNora says:

        Me too, still no danebow. But don’t give up, and think positive! If you don’t, you’ll never appreciate the game! Read above, even who buys gems has to realise that breeding is all about chance! Try and try and try again, sooner or later you’ll get your super rare animals!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yup :). Let’s hope we can get it.

        • Kat says:

          LOL. If it’s chance then there’s no guarantee I’ll ever get them – as evidenced by my inability to breed most limited and any super rare animals even though I’m breeding 24/7. I actually have difficulty getting anything above a “rare.” It’s frustrating – and getting the same common critter over & over takes some of the enjoyment out of the game. I do think Storm8 has it rigged to encourage us to spend gold and I’d like to see them rethink that strategy. It’s the collecting critters that keeps me in the game, so if I can’t breed them at some point I’ll end up dropping out.

        • Aurora says:

          Same with me. No valentine animals & still no danebow.i have been breeding nonstop also & spent what little gems I had to try& speed up the process. I’m a little disappointed too but I try to think positive; at least I managed a lucky rabbit ☺️
          Goodluck everyone!!!

    • hbsurel says:

      Interesting!! You and I are in the same boat. I too refuse to pay money for animals. Weird thing is, I also was not able to get The Smitten Kitten, Matripony, Palmeranium and Present Pheasant. I feel the breeding on this game is getting old. It is VERY FRUSTRATING! I have been recoupe rating from major surgery since February. So, I have been online playing a lot. I have played the game since shortly after it’s release. At the beginning, I had much better luck than I have since December. I’ve been trying for the Great Danebow since it was released just like I did the Bulldog and so far no luck just extra animals I wasn’t trying for. Good Luck to you! We have a little more than a day I believe.

      • Kat says:

        Good luck to you too!! I too have been playing since the game was released and managed to have better luck then as well. Interesting is right!! I think Storm8 has it programmed to hook us in, then try to get us to spend real money. How else can they make money? And in many cases it works!! I have friends who spend hundreds of dollars playing Dragon Story!! They never miss a dragon – if they can’t breed it they buy it – and many Dragons are unbreedable. Fingers crossed our luck changes!!

    • Yeti says:

      Hi Kat,

      I completely agree and empathize with your frustrations. It can be difficult to keep seeing people post how easily they got their Danebows or other limited critters. I’m not lucky with the limited or super rares either. It’s not worth any stress so I just try to remind myself to remain a casual player with low expectations but it does get old! The long breed/wait times on failures are very frustrating when rying for these limited ones. Good luck to you, hope you get it 😉 wish we all could! 😉

      • Kat says:

        Thanks Yetti!! Fingers crossed for you too!! If would be nice if at least the occasional fail was something needed – or anything but another Conductor!! But I’m at least glad to see I’m not alone – though for your sake I wish I were!! Many of the people I see breeding easily haven’t been playing as long as I have, which sort of confirms my theory. And of course some people have to succeed or we’d all stop playing!!

        • Yeti says:

          Hi again, Kat!

          Thank you for the nice reply, sorry for my delay getting back to you. I’m so very sorry that you didn’t get the Danebow. I feel guilty telling you but since you said you are imterested to know if people in similar situation got it or not….

          I did get him, he didn’t hatch in time to meet the goal but that’s okay with me. I didn’t want to spend gems to hatch him early just to get fewer gems to meet the goal.

          I am level 40 & I have not made a real-money purchase on this game yet so I’m not sure how that fits in with your theory. I wish I could share him with you! It comletely shocked me since, like I said, I haven’t had good luck with the limiteds.

          I also rarely make it thru the entire special events for the end goal, like on Dragon Story I didn’t get Snap, but I usually am okay with accepting that I won’t have everything & don’t need everything–eben though I hope & try ;).

          Good luck with the next ones! I’ll ne pulling for you and Noob!

    • Eugene says:

      You are not the only one….

    • Suicune7 says:

      Hey Kat,

      I feel the same way. It took me MONTHS to get a crystal unicorn, and I’ve been trying to get one of these cuties for YEARS (I really love dogs, so that’s one reason)!! My luck SUCKS and I’ve missed out on huge events because I don’t buy gems! It like they use you if you don’t buy gems! I personally wish they gave you an easier way to upper our chances to get a rare.

      So I understand what your going through.

  6. gucchiana9 says:

    Bred Falconch and Hippogryph, 21 hour breed time, first try. Multiple attempts with other water and lightning combos. Are the chances of breeding a high-rarity creature affected by the level of rarity of the breeding mates? As in, breeding two super-rare has a greater chance of resulting in a super- or ultra-rare, versus breeding two common animals. Or is it all random chance?

  7. Legend says:

    If I breed Conducktor with anything I just get another Conducktor. I’m bound to get it sooner or later. I hope it’s sooner since it’s limited. LOL

    • EnchantedScorpio-addme- says:

      Try with your Lightening Leopard and FrostFang.. I tried several times using rare/super rare crosses and just got the Dane using leopard + FrostFang in that order(tried a few times with this combo both ways too).. It’s a tricky one to get but you’ll get it 🙂

  8. Kahleesi Sheryl says:

    Got 21 hr with Conducktor and Frostfang, second time. Got Falconch the first time. So getting three new animals from this event (didn’t have Conducktor when I started)! Will try for Hippogryph now that I have these ones to work with.

    • Chic Fantasy says:

      What level were your animals? And what order did you put them in? (I don’t think it really makes a difference but… I’m desperate :\) Thanks 🙂

  9. Cacostrass says:

    Hippogryph lv15 x Menoram lv 10 first try –> 21 h breeding time

  10. Cajunqueen908 says:

    I bred lightning leopard and conductor and got a 21 hr breeding time

  11. Bluebelle says:

    It is officail that if you do get the danebow and have unicorn and breed the two together you get danebow. I was have tried three times to see what hsppens and have gotten four danebows. Wow if you get it and have a unicorn and want a second one use this formula I gurantee it. Good luck to all to bad we can not give to my niebors I would gladly give one.

  12. Tracey says:

    I got it with frostfang and lightning leopard both level 15 by luck on the first try.

  13. Kaztiel says:

    I wanna have all three!! They are all adorable.

  14. DoctorWolf says:

    It’s actually Danebow not Danebrow

  15. Elise says:

    Level 7 Falconch and level 15 Menoram in that order. Worked first try.

  16. Bluebelle says:

    Not trying I already have one of these so I decided to try for unicorn because someone told me they got a unicorn using this so I am breeding this animal with giraffe and got another danebow.

  17. Animal Lover says:

    I got this first try with confetti yeti and hippogryph. Tried several times with frostfang and lightning leopard first.

  18. Fiona says:

    Breeding conducktor and frostfang giving a 21hr time

    • hbsurel says:

      Let us know if u get it. Just tried Leopard and Fostfang for second time. Got another 13 hour time, it’s probably another Conducktor! So sick of being disappointed in these Events. I’ve been playing since last year and I haven’t finished an “Event” since probably Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s time to play a different game for awhile. I had a major surgery in Jan that interrupted my playing but Really, should that make my luck go to CRAP?! I Loved this game

  19. Michelle says:

    Uhm the buy price is actually 500 gems

  20. Ezza G says:

    got this first try with a level 11 lightning leopard and lever thirteen frostfang!

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