Posted on Apr 30, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Haka Kiwi

Thanks to ItNora and Shanta for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Haka Kiwi Egg Fantasy Forest Story Haka Kiwi Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Haka Kiwi Status

Dark Element Fantasy Forest StoryEarth Element Fantasy Forest Story

Haka Kiwis may be small in size, but their pride and courage are monumental. Hailing from a small island in the southeastern waters, the Haka Kiwis have created a lovely life for themselves, celebrating their island with dance and merriment. Their small stature gives them an unnatural ability to walk about unseen, crossing peacefully even through the darkest lands.

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Haka Kiwi Final Form

Breeding Time: 14 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 14 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Dark Cove and Earth Plateau

Buy Price: none

Sell Price: 100 coins

Can’t be bred, it’s available from the world traveler event. Visit THIS PAGE for more info.

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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