Posted on Oct 6, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Help Me Page

Hi, I make this section because I can’t gather all the animals picture by myself. So, I really need your helps. You can help me simply by sending me pictures of the animals, description, and other info. For the picture I will give you an example.

Tips: Please do not compress the picture file, send them as “fresh” as possible (.png format) and on its max resolution. This will make the picture in the best format.

For the egg (example below)


Try to zoom in as much as possible before taking a screenshot. Also try to have a timer that still on the early stage , so I can know the breeding time immediately from the picture (not necessary though, if you tell me the exact breeding time).

For baby, teen, adult, and final form

You have 2 options here,

The first is taken right after the egg hatch (baby), or right after the evolution process has finished. This will give you a picture like this.


The 2nd option is from the album page

Go to album => and then tap on the animal that you want to send from. Remember that the album will display the current stage of the animal, so you can’t take the baby picture if that animal is on the adult form right now. The picture is like this


Those are all how to take a screenshot, for other info you can simply tell me by text/picture (if you don’t want to type). Thank you very much for taking your time to read this post.

You can send those info to me though my email:

noobbgodlike (at) gmail (dot) com

change (at) to “@” and dot to “.” (without quotes)

P.S. : you can take screenshot from your device by pressing home button and power button at the same time

Really thanks to all those who have helped me all this time. I simply can’t express how thankful I am.

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14 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Help Me Page”

  1. Bettyjo says:

    I will help when I can! Thanx for all your help!!!

  2. Avalon says:

    Sent a pic of what I think is opal octopus egg

  3. renegade says:

    always thx for ur info. so I will help u.

    ur missed animals = Orangubang, G.I. Joey, Pinata Puppy, Cornucobra, Chesire Cat

    And another animal exist. u missed = stripe skunk

    I have Orangubang, G.I. Joey, Cornucobra, Chesire Cat, stripe skunk

    so i will send some pictures. to ur email. 😉

    have a nice day.

  4. Parisjane100 says:

    Someone help me i had 1000 gems i brought and was saving them for crystal unicorn, and i acciendtly brought apples and wasted all of them i need them back what should i do please please help

  5. Skully says:

    I have the Meowl egg in my nest. Breeding and hatching times were both 25 hours

    Will email egg screenshot

  6. Hazel says:

    red Wesley timer 7 hours


    Chipskunk timer 25 hours


    Not sure if you can see them, but I also posted pics to storm8 discussion page

  7. NinjaCat626 says:

    I will help. Thank you for making your website.

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