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Fantasy Forest Story Holly Jolly Holiday Event Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Holly Jolly Holiday Event Guide

18 December 2015 – 12 January 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Holly Jolly Event

On this event you need to gather Silly Sweaters. You can get Silly Sweaters from

  • Hatching the animal from the nest (the amount of the Silly Sweaters depends on the hatching time, 1 hour = 1 Silly Sweater,the rarity of the animal doesn’t matter). You can simply sell the animal to get the Silly Sweaters (no need to place it on the habitat first).
  • Harvesting food at your farms
  • Digging in the mine
  • Battle Tournament, just wait until they announce new battle tournament, Please read THIS to prepare for upcoming tournament.
  • Buy a Secret Presents (4 Silly Sweaters/4 hours) or Tinsel Tower (16 Silly Sweaters/4 hours).  You get one free Secret Presents at the beginning (after gathering 25 Silly Sweaters).

Silly Sweaters from Farm

The amount of Silly Sweaters obtained are based on how many hours of the food’s time.

Example: 8 hours food will generate 8 Silly sweaters, 5 hours food will generates 5 Silly Sweaters, and so on… BUT any food that less than 1 hour MIGHT NOT generate Silly Sweaters (there is a chance to get 1 Silly Sweaters).

Quality DOESN’T AFFECT THE OUTCOME. 5 hours of super food (the expensive one from Grand Farm) also generates 5 Silly Sweaters.

If you miss a day farming the food, you will have a hard time to catch up. I suggest you to use 20 hours food, but make sure you calculate the time so it doesn’t end at the midnight when you sleep :). So plan your farming!!

Example: You go work/school/etc at 9 AM. Don’t use 20 hours food because, they will be ready at 5 AM on the next day (maybe you still asleep). Use 5 hours food first and then at 2 PM, plant 20 hours food which will be ready at 8 AM ( I believe you’re already wake up, do you? 🙂 )

Don’t forget that there are Secret Presents and other sources too, which will help you obtain those Silly Sweaters. However, remember that the farm is the biggest source of the Silly Sweaters !!

REMEMBER, that you need to harvest Silly Sweaters from the Secret Presents  every 4 hours, the Silly Sweaters won’t stack!!!

Silly Sweaters from Mining

Fantasy Forest Story Silly Sweaters From mining

You may get Silly Sweaters (2) instead of coin/food (as a compliment reward for the rune). The chance is not 100%, but quite high, so make sure you do it !!!

Collecting Progress

Individual Prizes

Silly Sweaters
25 Secret Presents
250 Present Pavers
800 Decorated Chimney
2100 Tinsowl
4000 Nutcracker

Community Prize

You need to gather a sufficient amount of Silly Sweaters (Individual) and then if the total of Silly Sweaters (Global) reach the listed number then you will get the rewards. So, we can only hope that other players are collecting their Silly Sweaters every day.

You can help increase the global numbers by telling your friends/family and make them play this  game. Make sure tell everyone you know to read this page so they know how to obtain the Silly Sweaters.

Individual Global Reward
800 140,000,000 Candy Cane
800 390,000,000 Workbench
800 560,000,000 Candy Crane

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

If you have any suggestion/tips/info about the event or simply want to discuss, then please leave a comment.

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27 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Holly Jolly Holiday Event Guide”

  1. Kara says:

    At the top it says it will start 18 of December how come it hasn’t started

  2. neroArcobaleno says:

    Hi everyone! The Nutcracker is a fire and water monster!
    And if you want to know in italian is Schiaccianoci 😀

  3. Mike M. says:

    Candy crane..560,000,000 sweaters.. good luck every1,hope we get it. 🙂

    • Mike M. says:

      I’m at 3,022 sweaters rite now (& only have 8 battles left in the tournament=16sweaters) & thiers 4days 15hrs left..doing quick math,I’m going to be very close 2 getting the Nutcracker(4,000) in time,I might even have 2 gem up the breeding to give extra..I was wondering where every1 else is at.. Also, we all still need 117,000,000 sweaters to unlock the Candy Crane & since this is my 1st event like this,I was wondering if I should be worried that we might not get it?? I have my account +4 others,that I’ve reached 800+sweaters to help. I can/will do what I can to add 2 the pot,but if we ALWAYS get the last community reward then I’d rather focus that extra time on my main account,then on my 4kids accounts…so if any1 knows,the info would be very much appreciated.. thnx & good luck 2all.

  4. Kaylan says:

    3rd and Final Community Prize: Candy Crane

  5. Katie says:

    is anyone going to succeed in getting the nutcracker? I’m at 2900 sweaters right now and it seems highly unlikely that I’ll get enough in 7 days.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Not sure, but there is a battle tournament right now that will help gather silly sweaters.

    • elenaxvii says:

      I’m at 3964 Sweaters Right now so I’ll have the Nutcracker today or tomorrow! Antöne who wants to see it, my ID is elenaxvii 🙂

    • Ruby says:

      I’ll be done in the morning since I need less sweaters than I’ll get from my farms, presents, and hatching my egg. I’ll keep gathering sweaters though, to help us all try and get that Candy Crane!

  6. Danae' says:

    Hi everyone,look is it me or is it taking us FOREVER w/this challenge. Are we losing that many players for in the community portion or has Storm8 gone crazy w/ the amount of sweaters needed. I’m only saying this b/c I really thought I’d be done by now on my part plus we’ve been cutting it really really close w/the community part the last 2 challenges.

  7. Michael M.》JasmineMat12 says:

    Just curious where other daily players are at with sweaters rite now.. I have 1,123.. hatching my ‘Tinsowl’ now & doing the math on 9days worth of food + hatching to see if it’s worth it 4me 2 even try to get the 4,000 sweater ‘Nutcracker'(& save up some gems incase I need 2 buy some sweaters last second). Good luck to everyone & let’s get the 2nd community prize so we can get moving on to the 3rd. 🙂

    & thanks 2 noob/this site,or else we all probably wouldn’t come close to winning ANY prizes.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      HI, do you mean 2123?? tinsowl is at 2100 :). I am at 2600 at this moment. Don’t skip using gems later, simply fasten your egg it will give the same amount of gems.

      • Mike M(JasmineMat12) says:

        Well,yes/no-i meant that I got my Tinsowl already hatching & that I have 1,123sweaters,so I can see where others are compared 2me.. in four hours (rite b4 i go 2bed) I’ll be up to around 1,400.. &when I wake up tmro-in log on & will collect 120 from my farms :).. I’ve did the math on food/hatching/etc. Strategy (with ur sites helpful info) & i should be able to reach 4,000 a day or 2 early without any gems..I just hope I’m able to contribute 2 the community on my kids accounts (I have 4kids =4 extra accounts ;)..
        BUT i agree,I’d rather spend them to speed up hatching/breeding so that I can have more tries to get the last 2’limited’ animals..I’ve been trying hard for the party penguin & the confetti yetti & while I’ve gained MANY new animals to add 2 my collection,I can’t seem 2get the formula rite..but when I do,I’ll b sure 2 post on the corresponding page.
        Thnx again for everything.. good luck to all..I’m going 2 add as much to the community as possible with 5accounts & hope we get to the ‘Sorking’-looking prize.

  8. Ruby says:

    Final Individual Prize: Nutcracker. 4000 silly sweaters.

  9. Hollyjolly says:

    5th Individual Prize: Nutcracker at 4,000 Silly Sweaters

  10. Kaylan says:

    2nd Community Prize
    Workbench: 390,000,000 Silly Sweaters

  11. Cheryl says:

    So, What is the deal with the GIVING TREENT? It’s been on the tasks list a couple of days now but has no page set up??

  12. Gabs says:

    Is the glowing grove the habitat for these animals???

  13. Kaylan says:

    Tinsowl at 2,100 Silly Sweaters
    Candy Cane at 140,000,00 Silly Sweaters

  14. Kaylan says:

    1st Community Prize: Candy Cane
    4th Individual Prize: Tinsowl

  15. Kaylan says:

    3rd Individual Prize:
    Decorated Chimney

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