Posted on Aug 29, 2017

Fantasy Forest Story Leaderboard Event: Jungle Jamboree

There are 3 new animals on this event

FFS Jungle Jamboree New Animals

You can get Paw paw bear easily by obtaining 250 points, but the last 2 animals are quite hard to obtain because you need to gather a lot of points. There is also one animal that  you can only get it if you reach rank 1 on this event. From my observation teamlava divide players into a group of 20 players (based on their level, etc), so you don’t need to worry about competing with the all fantasy forest story players, it’s only you against other 19 :).

Tips: See your competition on your leaderboard, if the point difference is not much then you can try to win this one, but if the points gap too wide (1000 points or more), it’s better to stop trying because if you force your self you may run out of food and not able to finish upcoming event, such as storybook, etc.

You get this by gathering points (kinda similar to gathering items event). Here are some ways you can do to get the points:

FFS Rank 1 Jungle Jamboree

  • Breeding Animal: 1 hour = 3 points
  • Hatching Animal: 1 hour = 3 points
  • Evolving an Animal: 1 hour = 3 points
  • Feed 200 Food to animal = 1 points
  • Hatch Ultra Rare animal = 40 points
  • Hatch Super Rare animal = 20 points
  • Hatch Rare Animal = 10 Points

FFS Jungle Jamboree Lamp

  • Collect points from Lustrous Lamp (20 points every 2.5 hours) or Luminous Lamp(60 points every 2.5 hours)
  • Spin the wheel on the right part of the screen (you can spin it every 3 hours), you may get points as a treasure reward.
  • In this event teamlava also help us increase the point by giving us rewards for raising Paw Paw Bear so make sure you do it if you plan to “compete” with others because it will give you a lot of points.

Paw Paw Bear Page

Fantasy Forest Story Boosts Event Summer Games

Few Tips I can give you:

  • Look at your competition first, don’t go all out at the early stage. Let the rank 1-2 think they have won. At early phase, simply level up your animals from lvl 1 – 3 and then evolve them, this way you still get the bonus from evolving animals. You can feed lvl 4-10 animals if you don’t have lvl 1-3, but try to refrain because you need to conserve your food.
  • Gather a lot of foods, use 5 hours super food (800 food), 1 hour super food is better but you may not have time to pick it every hour
  • They usually make discount when the event nearly ends (1-2 days left), use your gem to buy the 2x boost, and then feed all your foods to the animals. This is the reason why I told you to limit leveling to only lvl 1-3 animals, because you will conserve a lot of foods.
  • Remember to spin the wheel every 3 hours. It’s possible to get 3rd – 4th place simply by doing that because many players are too lazy, use this as your advantage.

I think those are all things you need to know about this event. If you have tips to add or questions, then please leave a comment. If you have additional tips, leave them in the comment. I am sure they will help others.

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  1. theweirdperson says:

    I didn’t use any boost or lamp to earn the trophy and dragon

  2. theweirdperson says:

    I won 1st place:) I won because of the elephant trophy. I really like elephants they are my favorite animals and I didn’t want to disappoint them. Thank goodness the jungle dragon can breed!!!

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