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Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Leaderboard Magma Mania

Teamlava has made a new kind of event now :). There are 2 main prizes of this event. The first is

Lava Leopard

Fantasy Forest Story Magma Mania

There is a bad news though.. You can only get it if you reach rank 1-2 on this event. This mean that only 10% players able to get this animal. From my observation teamlava divide players into a group of 20 players (based on their level, etc), so you don’t need to worry about competing with the all fantasy forest story players, it’s only you against other 19 :).

Tips: You need a lot of food to win the 1st/2nd prize. Unless you have a lot of food (500.000 or more; it depends on your level though, the number is from my experience and level, so it may different than yours), it’s better to not bother with this event because it will drain your food… and will make you fail on the “finishable (such as storybook)” event because lack of food. I skip this event because I only have 90 k food at this moment.

The second main prize event is

Fantasy Forest Story Magma Mouse Milestones

Magma Mouse

Fantasy Forest Story Chimp Champ Points

As if it’s not hard enough, they even raise the milestones. Previously we only need 7k points, not we need 7.5k points.

You get this by gathering points (kinda similar to gathering items event). Here are some ways you can do to get the points:

Fantasy Forest Story Summer Games Spin to Win

  • Breeding Animal: 1 hour = 4 points
  • Hatching Animal: 1 hour = 4 points
  • Evolving an Animal: 1 hour = 4 points
  • Feed 200 Food to animal = 1 points
  • Hatch Ultra Rare animal = 40 points
  • Hatch Super Rare animal = 20 points
  • Hatch Rare Animal = 10 Points
  • Collect points from Volatile Volcano(20 points every 2.5 hours)
  • Spin the wheel on the right part of the screen (you can spin it every 3 hours), you may get points as a treasure reward.

Fantasy Forest Story Volatile Volcano

Volatile Volcano can only be purchase from the shop (200 gems). I am not sure if we will get it for free (as a chest reward on milestones). But from my calculation if the “milestones” reward is limited event then we won’t be able to get Magma Mouse within 10 days without paying. Why?? Here is my calculation

Let’s say that we utilize breeding, hatching, and evolving to the max (24 hours). So this mean we have 240 hours time. The total points from Breeding, Hatching, and Evolving is 12 per hour, so this mean 240 x 12 = 2880 Points……Like you can see now, that we’re pretty far away from 7500 Points (Magma Mouse). The rest of the point can be obtained from food, this mean 4620 points x 200 food = 924 k food :). You can reduce the food requirement simply by buying a boost but that cost a lot of gems and only temporary :). CMIIW

There is also a spin to wheel event that will help you through this event. You can get 25 – 200 points (random), from my experience you get 25 points more often (of course 🙂 ). Let’s say that every day we can spin it 5 times (15 hours waking time), also let’s say that we get 50 points every time we spin this means 250 points/day which mean 3000 points (12 days), yeah very nice :). Remember that you can get more or less points…

Now, 4620 – 3000 = 1620 points left, 1620 x 200 food = 324,000 Food still too high :).

If you don’t have food then you can buy the Volatile Volcano, 24 hours/2.5 hours = 9.6 rounded to 9 times of harvesting Volatile Volcano, this  only mean 180 points per day. 180 x 10 days = 1800 points. But remember that it cost 200 gems :).

Fantasy Forest Story Boosts Event Summer GamesTips: There is also a boost power up, they’re quite cheap. however make sure that if you ‘re planning to use it then use it when you finish Breeding, Hatching, Evolving at the same time, so you get optimal boost from the pack you just purchase.

I think those are all things you need to know about this event. If you have tips to add or questions, then please leave a comment.

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20 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Leaderboard Magma Mania”

  1. Tremp'loeil says:

    Tremp’loeil is me… I’m so not faking this so you better believe it… Here’s my storm 8 ID: hersheyschococlate.. And I got the lava leopard and the gold magma trophy. Pls add me as a neighbor too!!😀😄

  2. Lisa says:

    Unsure… you give prizes…..I came in 6th place… My score was higher than my niece she had only 899 for a score and she came in 1st

  3. Elynora says:

    Hi, one tip that I think is important for beginners or/and experienced players are the points that you can get through evolving and at the same time not spending a lot of food (for those storybook events). My suggestion is if you have extra space in your habitats and you know this event is going to happen next, start saving the babies, even if you have that animal. What I mean is, instead of selling the eggs, hatch them and keep the babies in you habitats, (at level 1). When the event comes on, then start spending some food to (some small points there) evolve them to level 4. After the first evolution, you can choose to keep them or sell them. This technique allows your evolution flower to stay occupied without having to spend a lot of food on your already mid to high level animals. I hope this tip is helpful for those who want those milestone animals (I got about 2 thousand points with this tip,) and keep a bulk of your food stock, heck this might even help you get first or second place.

  4. Aimee says:

    Hello 🙂 I may just be silly or blind, but where can I find, or how can I obtain, the Bright Brazier? Collecting 20 points every 2.5hrs could really come in handy for this event…can you help me please? I would appreciate this very much!! 😀 The Volatile Volcano (unless you’re correct and it possibly comes as a prize from a chest) just costs more gems than I have to spare…

    Thank you for your time and for all the info and help you give the rest of us!! You are very much appreciated!! <3 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, What I meant by by bright brazier is volatile volcano. I forgot to change the name from the previous event. So yeah, it costs a lot of gem if you want to buy it.

      • Aimee says:

        Oh, well thank you for explaining that…thought I was going bananas when I couldn’t find it, lol Thank again for everything you do and for all the tremendous help and tips you offer as well!!

      • Aimee says:

        Also, you said you’ll probably skip this event so that you can save your stocked up food supply…do you anticipate another Story Book Event following this one?? If so, then I think I’ll also save my food. 😊 I’m in 3rd arm, but am happy getting the extra food and runes awarded for those ranks.

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m currently in 1st place (and would like to stay there😂) Do you have any info on the Lava Leopard???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nope, I don’t have any info :). The creature is not released yet, right? You need to wait until the event ends until you get it. COngrats, hope you get rank 1 on this event.

  6. carinatiger says:

    i like the idea of coming 3-12 in this event because you get food – but come first or second and you get a trophy! Does the trophy do anything for you or is it just a decoration? I think I’d rather not win!!

  7. maria says:

    So what happened with the battle grounds, I think that was more fair than this silly leaderboard for not calling it what it really is. I have run out of food and another thing my games keep blacking out and at reseting the game all my runes apples new animals are gone and they do not replace them. WHAT A RIP-OFF

  8. Zoxxo says:

    Since this event is draining my food, I spending some of my money on growing food in my farms. (Btw I’m level 18)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is this going to replace the milestone challenges the game had before? I don’t think that’s really fair cuz then everyone misses out on collecting the grand prizes and the community prizes. Also this challenge will drain the player’s food really quickly. It’d be best if the game didn’t have these leaderboard challenges very often.

  10. Misty says:

    How much food should I have stored up at level 16?

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