Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride

Thanks to Dd for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride Egg Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride Status

Fantasy Forest Story Rainbow ElementFire Element Fantasy Forest Story

If you want to find an animal that leads others with its head held high and a supreme air of confidence in every step, then look no further than the Lion Pride. This colorful character roams around the Forest searching for unique features that the other animals bring to the world. No one celebrates life as proudly as the Lion Pride!

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride Final Form

Breeding Time: 15 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 20 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Fire Field

Buy Price: Can’t be bought

Sell Price: 100 coins

Can’t be bred, it’s a reward from the spin wheel event.

Fantasy Forest Story Spin Wheel Lion Pride

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11 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Lion Pride”

  1. Amanda says:

    Can this be bred now?? I see it is back in the shop but I can’t get my petal Peacock to show,up for breeding. 😞

  2. Firestar says:

    Got it on spin. I know it was long ago but I now have it on level 14 and it’s SO GREAT in battle and I love it’s blue and green eyes!!!

  3. kawaiimoments says:

    This is the only creature I didn’t evolve because it’s baby form is adorable!! Really happy I was able to get it <3

  4. Ndemi says:

    Hey guys, this might be useless to some but… U cant use the lion pride for breeding, I tried it but it didnt show up on the breeding list😔 Or maybe its just a problem with my device

  5. Alexis Shiflett says:

    I got it when it was the event second time spinning I already breeding a pardise parrot myself but also spun and got a flyerfox

  6. Cockatiel Aninations says:

    I got it second spin, first spin was paradise parrot, which I didn’t have at the time.

  7. always unlucky says:

    not fair! my sister got a flyerfox on the spin, and im so unlucky, in every single spin i get that sweet steps and its so frustrating!(-~-)

  8. Bella says:

    This lil guy is 🙌 AWESOME🙌 Perfect addition to my Great Danebow I accidentally bread 😜 I was trying for the Conductor for the Storybook adventure and got him. Lol and I managed to breed the conductor as well. Thank you everyone for questions & comments regarding this latest Storybook Adventure 💞 Not my favorite thus far but WAAAAY worth it since I got every Animal, including the Grand Prize on the Spin to Win. I’m SUPER GLAD that this forum is here 🙏🙏😊

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