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Fantasy Forest Story Love is In the Air Quest Guide

Until 17 February 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Love in the air Event Picture

On this event you need to gather Roses. You can get roses from

  • Hatching the animal from nest (the amount of the roses depends on the hatching time, 1 hour = 1 rose, rarity doesn’t matter). You can simply sell the animal to get the rose(no need to place it on the habitat first).
  • Harvesting food at your farms
  • Digging in the mine
  • Battle Tournament, just wait until they announce new battle tournament, Please read THIS to prepare for upcoming tournament.
  • Buying a Flower Cart (4 roses/4 hours) or Deluxe Flower Cart (16 roses/4 hours).  You get one free Flower Cart at the beginning (after gathering 25 roses).

Roses from Farm

The amount of roses obtained are based on how many hours of those food’s time.

Example: 8 hours food will generate 8 roses , 5 hours food will generates 5 roses, and so on… BUT any food that less than 1 hour won’t generate rose:).

Quality DOESN’T AFFECT THE OUTCOME. 5 hours of super food (the expensive one from Grand Farm) also generates 5 roses.

From the past event (Winter Wonderland), it’s very possible to complete the challenge if you harvest your plant religiously :). But if you miss a day, you will have a hard time to catch up. I suggest you to use 20 hours food, but make sure you calculate the time so it doesn’t end at the midnight when you sleep :). So plan your farming!!

Example: You go work/school/etc at 9 AM. Don’t use 20 hours food because, they will ready at 5 AM on the next day (maybe you still asleep). Use 5 hours food first and then at 2 PM, plant 20 hours food which will be ready at 8 AM ( I believe you’re already wake up, do you? 🙂 )

Don’t forget that there are Flower Cart and other sources too, which will help you obtain those roses. However remember that the farms are the biggest source of the roses!!

REMEMBER, that you need to harvest roses from the Flower Cart every 4 hours, the roses won’t stack!!!

Roses from Mining

Fantasy Forest Story Roses Mining

You may get roses(2) instead of coin/food (as a compliment reward for rune) while mining on the mine. The chance is not 100%, but quite high, so make sure you do it !!!

Collecting Progress

Individual Prizes

25 Flower Cart
400 Floral Gazebo
1000 Cherub Cub
2400 Heartvak
3400 Romanticore

Community Prize

You need to gather a sufficient amount of Roses(Individual) and then if the total Roses(Global) reach the listed number then you will get the rewards. So, we can only hope that other players are collecting their roses every day.

You can help increase the global numbers by telling your friends/family and make them play this  game. Make sure tell everyone you know to read this page so they know how to obtain the roses :).

Individual Global Reward
600 80,000,000 Heart Meadow (decoration)
600 210,000,000 Palatial Garden (Habitat)
600 320,000,000 ??

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

If you have any suggestion/tips/info about the event or simply want to discuss, then please leave a comment.

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52 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Love is In the Air Quest Guide”

  1. Deniel says:

    So I just downloaded this game on me android but it doesn’t give me the option to play the love is in the air how come? Do I need to be on a specific leave

  2. Starr says:

    Ah 99 roses away from romanticore!!! I doubt I’m going to get it 🙁

  3. EnchantedScorpio-addme- says:

    I’ll have the Romanticore in less than 30 minutes!!! Woohoo!!! First event I’ve completed !!! I’ll remember to get all details with pics this time 😉

  4. Meowuchu says:

    How many roses does anyone have now? I have 2,515

  5. Meowuchu says:

    I hope they extend the time limit or lower the roses… I really want to finish this one

  6. BrokenPeace says:

    Apparently the last animal in the community prizes is rumoured to be called the ‘Valentiger’ however we shall have to wait and see first :I This may be false information, so don’t think it’s true until we actually unlock said animal~

  7. EnchantedScorpio-addme- says:

    How many roses does everyone have now? Just wondering where I stand with other daily players.. I didn’t start farming the 20hour crop until 3 days ago but I did buy the promo pack for extra twice

  8. Meowuchu says:

    Just got cherub cub 🙂 in nest right now… Will send pics soon.

  9. Sue warner says:

    Hi my friend hope you are doing well… We are knee deep in roses for valentine challenge ..I hope we can finish.. As it looks shorter than the last one .. Getting old can’t remember .. Lol good luck to you.. Will let you know if and when I get last one…

  10. Artemia says:

    hello, I sent the photo of the puppy cherub and I forgot to say the hours of farming are … 14 hours … then the page Breeding Result Graph you have not changed the elements … (ocean owle). Thank you and good evening …

  11. Wootercat says:

    As I figured it, mangos give you the most roses. Is my math wrong?

  12. Meowuchu says:

    Found community prizes-
    Heart medow(decor), Palatial Garden(habitat) and the last one I am not sure

  13. Meowuchu says:

    Yes! Another event… For the individual prizes, they are
    Flower cart
    Floral gazebo
    Cherub cub
    – my friend found those out I dont know how so fast 😀

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