Fantasy Forest Story Lover’s Lane Event Guide |
Posted on Feb 3, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Lover’s Lane Event Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Lover’s Lane Event Guide

2 – 18 February 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Lover's Lane Event

On this event you need to gather Lover’s Hearts. You can get Lover’s Hearts from

  • Hatching the animal from the nest (the amount of the Lover’s Hearts depends on the hatching time, 1 hour = 1 Lover’s Heart, the rarity of the animal doesn’t matter). You can simply sell the animal to get the Lover’s Hearts (no need to place it on the habitat first).
  • Harvesting food at your farms
  • Digging in the mine
  • Battle Tournament, just wait until they announce new battle tournament, Please read THIS to prepare for upcoming tournament.
  • Buy a Chocolate Box (4 Lover’s Hearts/4 hours) or Beautiful Bouquet (16 Lover’s Hearts/4 hours).  You get one free Chocolate Box at the beginning (after gathering 25 Lover’s Hearts).

Lover’s Hearts from Farm

The amount of Lover’s Hearts obtained are based on how many hours of the food’s time.

Example: 8 hours food will generate 8 Lover’s Hearts, 5 hours food will generates 5 Lover’s Hearts, and so on… BUT any food that less than 1 hour MIGHT NOT generate Lover’s Hearts (there is a chance to get 1 Silly Sweaters).

Quality DOESN’T AFFECT THE OUTCOME. 5 hours of super food (the expensive one from Grand Farm) also generates 5 Silly Sweaters.

If you miss a day farming the food, you will have a hard time to catch up. I suggest you to use 20 hours food, but make sure you calculate the time so it doesn’t end at the midnight when you sleep :). So plan your farming!!

Example: You go work/school/etc at 9 AM. Don’t use 20 hours food because, they will be ready at 5 AM on the next day (maybe you still asleep). Use 5 hours food first and then at 2 PM, plant 20 hours food which will be ready at 8 AM ( I believe you’re already wake up, do you? 🙂 )

Don’t forget that there are Chocolate Box  and other sources too, which will help you obtain those Lover’s Hearts. However, remember that the farm is the biggest source of the Lover’s Hearts !!

REMEMBER, that you need to harvest Lover’s Hearts from the Chocolate Box  every 4 hours, the Lover’s Hearts won’t stack!!!

Lover’s Hearts from Mining

Fantasy Forest Story Lover's heart from mine

You may get 2 Lover’s Hearts  instead of coin/food (as a compliment reward for the rune). The chance is not 100%, but quite high, so make sure you do it !!!

Collecting Progress

Individual Prizes

Lover’s Hearts
25 Chocolate Box
250 Heart Path
700 Lover’s Tree
1450 Bee Mine
2600 Puppy Love

Community Prize

You need to gather a sufficient amount of Lover’s Hearts (Individual) and then if the total of Lover’s Hearts (Global) reach the listed number then you will get the rewards. So, we can only hope that other players are collecting their Lover’s Hearts every day.

You can help increase the global numbers by telling your friends/family and make them play this  game. Make sure tell everyone you know to read this page so they know how to obtain the Lover’s Hearts.

Individual Global Reward
700 90,000,000 Floral Gazebo
700 260,000,000 Love Balloon
700 ?? Shawn Sheep

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

If you have any suggestion/tips/info about the event or simply want to discuss, then please leave a comment.

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26 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Lover’s Lane Event Guide”

  1. Babyboss says:

    Can I buy this habitat for my cherub cub? Or is this habitat strictly for event animals?

  2. wookie333 says:

    Can you breed to get the sweet sheep? I’m not all that confident that it will be won as a community prize… Still quite a ways to go and less than a day away.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, we can’t. Let’s hope they extend the time.

      • hbsurel says:

        What do I do now? I didn’t make it to puppy love 🙁 but, I Got Tge Message Telling Me That I Would Find Sweet Sheep In My Inventory. I opened my inventory and I DO NOT HAVE THE SWEET SHEEP IN IT??? WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT?

    • Bella says:

      I found the sheep in my inventory a few hours ago but I can’t find any info on it…. It’s in the nest now, had 16 hour hatch time. Thanks for any help regarding this.

      Wonderful work you’ve done here 👌 Greatly appreciate it!

  3. Liliana says:

    Sweet Sheep is the last Community prize.

  4. Liliana says:

    What about Puppy Love and Sweet Sheep?

  5. Ruby says:

    2nd Community Prize: Love Balloon-260,000,000 hearts

    Last Individual Prize: Puppy Love 2,600 hearts

  6. Lerika says:

    the last individual prize is- Puppy Love 2,600💕
    2-nd community prize- Love Balloon 260,000,000💕

  7. Amanda says:

    Floral gazebo is the first community prize at 90,000,000. Almost there!! Lovers tree was 700 I believe. 1,450 is the animal called Bee Mine.

  8. MikeM. says:

    I’m at 1,227 hearts on my main account..was wondering were every1 else is at 2get a feel 4 if I’m on track or not. (I have 5accounts total so,im sorry that I post so much noob,just love this site,Storm8 should put u on thier payroll 🙂
    My other accounts are at.
    896-643-712-777. (<-I basically hop on my 4other accounts a few times a day 2collect/send gems2myself/help the community in events/experiment with breeding/etc.)

  9. Lerika says:

    4-th individual prize- Bee Mine- 1450💕
    1-st community prize- Floral Gazebo 700💕

  10. Ingrid says:

    When you reach 675 hearts you get the Lover’s Tree

  11. Rachms81 says:

    675 Lovers Heart reward is Lovers Tree

  12. Lerika says:

    3d individual prize- Lover’s Tree (675💕)

  13. Kaylan says:

    3rd Individual Priza: Lover’s Tree: 675 Lover’s Hearts

  14. Lena says:

    I just got Love Bug with Rock Rhino and Rubble Rooster. Breeding time is 16 hours. Do you need picture of egg?

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