Posted on Sep 9, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Magma Mouse

Thanks to MysticalFairy320 and Gary for these pictures

fantasy-forest-story-magma-mouse-egg FFS Magma Mouse incom

Fantasy Forest Story Magma Mouse Status

Dark Element Fantasy Forest StoryFire Element Fantasy Forest Story

Known as a scavenger, the Magma Mouse can often be found searching the snacks. While preferring raw food, it mostly ends up with cooked and often burn meals due to the intense…..

Final Form


Breeding Time: 24 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 24 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Dark Cove and Fire Field

Buy Price: Can’t be bought

Sell Price: 100 coins

Can’t be bred, it’s a reward from the magma mania leaderboard event, visit THIS PAGE for more info

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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  1. Lordgemini42 says:

    Evolution time is also 24 hours do you need pics of him at Lvl4, and 10

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